An Overview of the Emergency Management Plan of the County of Accomack

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The county of Accomack has a diverse Emergency Operation Plan. When an emergency happen it may lead to safety issues along with a lot of mistakes and pressure for everyone handling the situation. Handling an emergency plan should be done in an systematic manner to reduce the effects on the county and its citizens. The purpose of the Emergency Operation Plan is to preserve life and protect property from further destruction in the event of an emergency. Emergency Operation Plan is suppose to establish an emergency organization that will direct and mange operations during the emergency situation by assigning responsibilities to specific organization.

When a plan implemented it provides a clear action, responsibility and stability of control for key officials and administrators. The essential organizations are to utilize any and all available resources when mitigating against, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a natural or man-made emergency. (2012) This plan and all its contents apply to all of Accomack County. Accomack County is the northernmost county on the Eastern Shore of Virginia which is separated by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The county covers approximately 455 square miles and the highest elevation in the county is in the Melfa area which is 53 feet above sea level. Also Accomack County has approximately 38,000 people with the following demographics as of 2000 Census data. Which states that the average size of an household is 2.45 people and the average number of households is twenty one thousands. The percentage of population of Accomack County that is greater than sixty five years old is seventeen percent.

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Correspondingly the estimated percentage of the population that is greater that eighteen years old is twenty two point six percent.

According to the US Census Bureau seven thousand six hundred and eight people have a disability. Most of the residential areas are middle class sub- divisions, but we have several areas with high percentages of low income and elderly residents living in older homes Accomack community has a combination of residential areas, small and medium businesses. They also have two large poultry processing plants.

The major road of transportation route in Accomack County is state highway Route 13. Route 13 North has only one hurricane evacuation route for the county. Based on a hazard analysis of the Accomack the primary hazards County are Coastal Flooding, Storm Water Flooding, High Winds, and Coastal Erosion. The Plan that I looked at has not been updated since November 2010.

The Emergency Operation plan for Accomack was well organized because it easy for to user navigated through information especially since it states in bold letter what information the user is looking at the top of each section. Also instead of having long paragraph is the Emergency Operation Plan for Accomack County uses bullets and briefs summary which helps the reader to understand the plan easier.

One of the most common question this Emergency Operation Plan get can single plan components be revised without forcing a substantial rewrite of the entire EOP? Yes, this Emergency Operation Plan is well thought out that it’s pretty much covered most of everything on a broad scale so by changing one or a few components in this EOP won’t force a an entire rewrite to the EOP due to that it has been updated recently.

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