A Report on the Tomb of the Warriors in the Early Chinese Society


In 1947 two Chinese farmers accidentally stumbled onto a huge tomb of a king that died over c.2200 years ago the kings name was Qin Shi Huang. The special thing about this tomb is that it is guarded by several self firing cross bows and approximately 6000 fully armed terracotta life size statues containing archers, cavalry troop, charioteers, infantry and even horses guarding the tomb.

State of the find and the treatment of the find

A lot of the soldiers are still standing but a part of the tomb collapsed and knocked over several of the warriors.

But so far 38 columns of soldiers have been excavated and approx 1000 soldiers have been restored to there original state. A museum has set up a little firing room so they can make duplicates of the men and sell them to other museums.

Age of the find and dating methods used

The vault is approximately 12500sq km in size, it is believed that the tomb was built just after the king past away so that means its approximately 2200 years old as the king died in 210B.



Back in this era it was common that people were superstitious. So I think the only reason king Qin surrounded himself in his army was to protect his soul from evil spirits and no man could last that long so he built his own life like army out of terracotta to protect him forever.

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