A Reflection on an Online Interview with a Mechanical Engineer

Even though it is tough to do an interview over the Internet, I completed it though MSN Chat. Josh went to Berkeley University and graduated without even thinking about a P.E. Licenses. He felt that he would not need it; he didn’t want to bother getting it. He planned to work in a firm where his designs would be checked and passed by a supervisor. He got his bachelor degrees in mechanical engineering. He then went looking for a job and said “I had plenty of interviews and possibilities, the openings where endless, if I was willing to move”.

He settled and started working for J.D. Engineering where he was assigned to do small contracted jobs. One job of such was he made the drive shaft for a small tractor. He worked at J.D.

Engineering for 4 years of which he called “Four years of a living hell.” He later explained this by saying that he did not hate the job itself but he hated that he was stuck inside all day long when it was sunny outside.

He did not feel it was for him and after 4 of college and four years of experience he quit his job as an engineer and left behind his “Childhood dream” as he called it and started working in construction. I asked him why he had stated engineering and if the aptitude test that they might have given him had anything to do with it as it has I.

He responded by saying that he does not remember exactly how well he did on the aptitude test that he had taken in school but he remembered he did well and his teacher had told him that he had excelled in the area of geometry and she had said he should do something dealing with geometry possibly engineering.

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He said “When she told me that I started looking into colleges and classes that dealt with such topics. I found out that I was interested in the subject and decided late in my junior year that was what I wanted to do.” I was surprised he remembered all that and asked him how he did and he told me that was something you don’t forget, “It was a big decision in my life and I have never regretted it yet,” he stated. He later went on to talk that even though he does not like working indoors with engineering he still enjoys the subject and one day might do back to it!

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