I Lost My Desire To Be An Engineer

Some people may argue that if people are unsuccessful at something they’re trying to reach, it might not be a suitable thing for those people to complete, and failure can make someone lose trust in their progress. Having an optimal amount of involvement in something can drive the person to a profitable future. But if an individual doesn’t have any interest in what they are doing, the ideal thing to do is to search for another field or activity the individual would like to pursue in.

If a person fails in that but they have a substantial amount of passion for it, they should try again and don’t stop until they are satisfied with what they’ve done. When I was little, my dream was to become some type of engineer, primarily a Civil Engineer.

I had all these legos at home I used to build every day when I came back from elementary school. Having such creativity wanted me to become an engineer.

When I got older, my math skills started to improve and I’ve been getting mostly A’s and B’s from Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra. I was extremely enthusiastic about math, I lost my passion for becoming an engineer and I wanted to pursue my career in Finance and Accounting. I’ve taken some engineering classes in middle school but I was never that creative and I wasn’t fascinated in that field anymore. If an individual is very interested in a field and goes through hardships, they should always get up and always attempt their absolute best.

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If someone lands a job they are not enthusiastic in, it will make their lives tough and it could lead to more failures because they don’t have a passion for it. Overall, an abundant number of people consider that suffering from failure is only a particular moment to start over, only this time, with more critical thinking. Defeat can convey us to become more of a confident person and start over with a positive attitude and greater comprehension. An individual attempting to obtain something can make them have impression to feel like they are number one once they attain their confidence. However, would it count as progress if there was zero disappointment or defeat? Likewise, if someone were to be successful in life and have a substantial amount of enthusiasm for what those individuals are doing, disappointment would be less an issue for those people.

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