A Look at Character Friction in A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving

In the novel by John Living A Prayer for Owen Meany, there is a lot of friction between many characters, this novel was also written about a dark time in the history of the United States. As is told in the novel John F Kennedy is President of the United States and he influences a boy named Owen Meany. He is a small boy who receives many beatings from fellow peers, both physical and verbal. Even though the title may suggest that there is a deeper meaning in the novel the protagonist is the main character Owen Meany The novel also includes the life of Owens’s best friend John Wheelwright who seems to have a role in all that happens in Owens’s life.

The title of the novel suggests that the Protagonist in the novel is Owen Meany this is untrue because of the way in which the novel was written there has to be a deeper meaning.

The novel is an autobiographical work on John Wheelwright, Owen Meany’s best friend.

As is shown in the novel by the narrator constantly giving his biased thoughts on subjects including religion and war. The novel is based on the life of John Wheelwright although it is not obvious it is evident through the writing. The point of view given is Johns: and all that seems to happen in the novel regarding Owen happens to have John to go along with it. There is a main example that happens to the lives of both John and Owen when Owen accidentally kills Tabitha Wheelwright.

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There is a major focus on this event as there should be but it comes from the point of view of a son. The heartfelt sorrow that goes With the loss of his mother could only be felt from the point of view of John her son. As stated by the narrator John he does not know if she died that quickly, but she was dead by the time Mr. Chickering got to her.

This states the point of View in which this particular event is seen from. The attitude produced in the novel towards the Vietnam War is based on the life of the narrator John Wheelwright as is shown by the graphic details given on the amputation of John 5 finger when john describes Owens’s dreams and goals. He always talks as if he is writing about his friend in an autobiographical structure. As it seems that John tries to do all that Owen does but always seems to come up short. He knew that if he went to war he could die and would be overshadowed by Owen. All that Owen thinks should happen does and he ends up dying a hero like he thought. John seems to be the one who.

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