A History of the Silk Road and Its Influence on the International Trade

During this era (SOOBCE-SOOCE) many things changed, One of the most important changes was the Silk Road which extended from Europe to East Asia. This became a source for new products (spices,metals,animals,slaves,etc.). The Silk Road also transmitted culture and religion, The merchants took their culture and beliefs and as they encountered people they spread their traditions, Although many things changed there were some continuities, The Asians were still exporting the same goods. The Indians Exported spices ,precious jewels and oils.

With the wealth the Silk Road was providing the Empires decided to pave it. Set up outposts to make it saferi This ensured safety of merchants and encouraged them to trade on the safer roads. Also a great development was the observation of the monsoons which helped boats from Asia reach Europe. As the Silk Road grew safer trading became more and more popular and the societies enjoyed the wealth and new products it brought.

As time went on the Silk Road spread culture and religion Later diseases started spreading Smallpox, Measles and the Bubonic Plague killed thousands of people, One of the reasons the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were brought down is because of the many deaths that lead to economic decline and very poor living conditions, The Spread of Religion was sped up by the Silk Road, The spread of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism and Islam happened all along the Silk Road.

These religions grew as merchants “carried” them from one end of the world to another, As religions began to spread into new areas so did culture.

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The religions stayed the same but they were much larger. As time went on the Silk Road slowed down due to the spread of diseases. This led to the decline of international trading and more internal making of goods. The Silk Road mixed cultures, goods, and people like never before (and disease), It had it’s ups and downs and it came at a price of thousands of dead people (clue to disease).

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