Connected: Love, Death, Technology

The documentary “Connected: An Autobiography about Love, Death, and Technology” combines various ways to give its audience a visual real story about the piece’s message. I particularly favor this documentary because it uses a different approach to review numerous social issues. “Connected” is directed by the innovative Tiffany Shlain. Shlain starts off her approach describing human beings connection with technology. Rather than leave the documentary over this one subject, her team’s research has found that this may not just be a problem, but also a solution.

Shlain uses her family as a way to connect with her audience; making the subject relatable. She goes on to say that word “connected” has several different definitions within her overall message. Using mainly a set of interviews and vivid animation to depict a picture; Tiffany Shlain and the whole “Connected” team have not just made a documentary but a movement into delivering people a new outlook on how we can better ourselves, and all of our social issues as a world, rather than separate entities.

“Connected” could easily have been a very complicated message to get across to her audience.

What are the issues our nation, planet, people, etc. are struggling with? War, civil rights, legalization, food industry, disease, science. What if all of these problems were interconnected? This is the question Tiffany Shlain goes in depth to answer these question using her own life as an example. Her father, Dr. Leonard Shlain, is dying from brain cancer. Who just so also happens to be a brain surgeon? This of course, in a time of grief and sadness, confuses Shlain.

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How could her father, innovative surgeon and author, be dying from what he has dedicated his life to studying about? She sets out to find the true definition of what life means; instead finding that maybe we are all looking for separate answers to life’s problems, and they all have the same answer. The editing style of this documentary is what really made me fall in love with the story. Shlain’s team combines entertaining animation to “dumb down” and “lighten” these heavy social issues and home videos filled with love and life to explain her message. She wants to start a movement of people to get connected with the beauty of technology and what the internet has made available to us.

Creating awareness to people using social media, but not getting lost in the reviews and rants of other people’s life. If I was to post an article on my Facebook about an economical issue in the US and it is shared and liked throughout my friends list, eventually making its way to another country. This is how the world becomes interconnected, Shlain says. Continuing to open the world’s eyes on how big the world is. The 219 century is a time of hope for the future, of changes continuing to be made through people; because we are the solution.

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