A Critique of Bernice Reagon's Speech on Coalition Politics

Bernice Johnson Reagon starts off with a scenario to relate herself to the audience, The scenario is that what if you felt like you could breathe? Because some people are born at high altitudes, causing their lungs to be bigger and more open. So when they‘re in normal oxygen levels, it causes them to wheeze and not be able to be, staggering around and confused. Then Reagon compared that same feeling to how she felt at that same moment. Doing Coalition work causes you to feel pressured, like you cannot breathe and if you don’t feel no such thing, then you’re not doing the work right.

She then brought us into what exactly Coalition work was, Coalition is basically preparing yourself and the world around you for moving into a new century; she then talked about the difference in the beginning of the 1900’s versus the 2000’s.

Reagon talked about how in the early years of the 1900‘s we were preparing for something epic, something that we had no idea would take us so far as a country; technology,  Technology has been one of the biggest inventions known to man during the revolutionary times, Technology includes railroads, telephones, radios, TV’s, airplanes, cars, transistors, computers and cell phones.

She then goes on to mention how there is no one in the world who’s unreachable with the advancement of technology that we‘ve invented. Before technology, you had little villages of people with things in common; they looked the same, did the same things and had the same beliefs and that is what you would calla society in modern times.

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She goes on to talk more about societies, how we as people are closed off Societies are buildup of people who have things in common, but whom have been ostracized and pretty exiled out of regular society where the ‘norms‘ are So if you and I have a lot of things in common which society does not agree with, I say “hey, maybe we should have our own society where we can be comfortable and be free to be ourselves’i And that‘s pretty much how different types of societies come about,

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