Reviewing Eternal Sunshine by Michel Gondry

The film “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind”, is without a doubt one of my favorite movies out there. It starts with a regular guy falling in love with the not-not-so-typical. While the prempremisea love story the science behind the film is what activated After all who has someone they wouldn’t mind forgetting from time to time. Clementine, having a firecracker of a personality decided to have a procedure done where all her memories from her relationship with Joel would cease to exist.

It would have been as if she never met Joel.

Once Joel received the letter that Clementine decided to undergo this procedure he decided to go ahead and forget about her as well. From that point on the movie follows the steps of Joel’s Joel’s forgetting Clementine. The company assigned to erase Joel’s memory is called “Lacuna, Inc.”. The individuals performing the procedure strapped Joel down and attached a machine to his head.

The machine is supposed to work as an MRI scanner (I believe) and targets brain activity that is supposedly Joel’s memories of Clementine.

As Joel begins to forget her, he regrets his decision and fights to keep the memories.

With this information, I believe that the process they are using to eliminate the memories is sparse coding. The reason I’m going with sparse coding is because of two reasons. The first reason I decided to go with sparse coding is because of the study done on the epileptic patients, relating to the grandmother cell.

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These individuals were shown a face and produced more neurological firings than when the stimuli was a beach scene or even another individual’s face.

Which to me relates to the amounnumberemories or information stored on the stimuli. When a stimulus (in this case a face) is iisisesentedthere are specific neurons that come into play to help us recall and recognize the face. The second reason I favor sparse coding is we tend to recognize things we like, so I think it only makes sense to have a higher firing rate in neurons when presented with something we love (in Joel’s case clementine). Sparse coding is like clusters of information, which is kinda like a memory. Memory is a variety of information compacted into one neat little package. I.E. the cluster of neurons is what forms the memory!

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