An Analysis of the Movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Movie Review

The movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is very much related to psychology. The movie is about a couple who has a nasty break up and Clementine, a crazy free-spirited woman played by Kate Winslet, has her boring and shy ex-boyfriend Joel, played by Jim Carrey, erased from her memory. Lacuna, Inc. is the company that does the erasing of Joel from Clementine’s memory. Joel finds out about this erasing although he is not supposed to and decides to undergo the same procedure.

While his memories are being erased, he decides that he changed his mind and he does not want to have the memories with Clementine erased.

This movie is pertinent to our class because it is about memory and the mind. For Joel to have Clementine erased from his memory, he needs to find everything that reminds him of Clementine, including gifts, pictures, clothes, and movie stubs, and bring them into the doctor’s office.


The doctor hooks his brain up to monitors and holds up each item to see which parts of the brain are active when Joel sees each object. This creates a mapping of the brain of areas where memories with Clementine are stored so they can be erased. This movie reminds me of our psychology class because the plot of the movie takes place in the brain. It shows the parts of the brain that are affected by different things and feelings and explains how our memory works.

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