A Combination of Essentialism and Progressivism as My Educational Philosophy in Life

My educational philosophy involves a mix of focusing on academics, as well as electives. I believe that students should focus on their core academic classes, but also save time for fun electives they pick out. While essentialism is great, our society is becoming more progressive each and every day. Much like essentialism, I believe that education should be heavily focused on academics. Focusing on academics is what builds knowledge inside children. There are basic things each student must learn to be successfuli In society we should have educated people, and to have that I believe everyone should have a basic background of reading, writing, history, science, and maths While learning these basics might seem like an old and outdated style I truly believe that everyone should have some type of background in each academic subjects I also believe grading is important in the school system By handing out grades you can tell which student is struggling versus which student gets it, I also believe that the teachers should decide what to teach Teachers tend to know what is best for their students and should be able to create lesson plans around that knowledge.

We know what is most useful and what each student should learn to be successful.

With all of that being said, my educational philosophy also involves a lot of principles from progressivism. While I do believe grades and basic academics are important, I still believe that some of the students education should have some sort of elective class focused around their interests.

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I am a huge fan of incorporating elective classes into a students schedule so that they can learn what they are good at and what they like In high school I was focused heavily on my academics and took AP and dual enrollment classes. I was upset that my high school forced me to complete at least one performing arts class. At first I hated the idea of giving up a class period for something I didn’t need in life, but 1 soon changed my mind.

After taking the ceramics and pottery class forced on me, 1 ended up loving it. By taking this elective class I learned that I loved art and making pottery. This is a great example of why electives should also be a focus in schools, Academics are still very important to me and in my educational philosophy, but it is also important to step away from that a little and try new things. Overall, in addition to student’s core academic classes, they should have the option to take what ever elective class interests them. Our society is quickly changing from focusing on the books to a much more creative form of learning, My educational philosophy is a mix between essentialisrn and progressivisrn, believing that core academics should still exist, but coincide with student-picked elective courses.

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