A Device Designed for Making Quick Copies

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A body is said to be charge if it either gains electrons or loses electrons. A body that gains electrons is said to be negatively charge since it has more electrons than protons and electrons carry negative charge. A body is said to be positively charge since it has more protons than electrons and protons carry positive charge. Some of the properties of charge is that Like charges repel while unlike charges attract each other.

A charged body shall always attract a neutral or uncharged body for example a rubbed comb against hair when taken near the bits of paper comb attracts the paper.

we can charge objects by rubbing two dissimilar materials or by conduction or by induction. So this was electrostatics is meant, electrostatics is the study of electric charges.

When we want to distribute some information and that information is 2 pages long so we cant go on writing, through the study of electrostatics a photocopier machine was invented to solve this problem.

The study of electrostatics not only solved this problem but solved many problems and invented many things to solve problems. A photo copier machine is one of the greatest invention. It allows to duplicate any piece of paper.

When we place the document we want to be copied upside down on the glass and press start button, an intense beam of light scans across the document from top to bottom. This light then gets reflected and falls on the photo sensitive drum. This photo sensitive drum is a metal roller which is charged by a voltage wire called corona wire.

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This photo sensitive drum is coated with photosensitive chemical called selenium and it is a semiconductor.

It has a property to act as an insulator in dark areas when light falls on it. When beam of light scans across the document, light gets reflected from the white areas and the black areas do not reflect any light. This reflected light falls on the photo sensitive drum, the areas of photo conductor which was exposed to light becomes conductive and gets discharged whereas the area of the drum which was not exposed to light remains negatively charged.

Then we get an electric shadow of the page on the photo sensitive drum. As the photo sensitive drum rotates it carries this electrical shadow towards toner. The toner is positively charged so it sticks to the electrical shadow which is negatively charged. Thus an inked image of the document is formed on the drum. Then a blank sheet is feed up from the hopper, as it moves along the paper is given a strong electrical charge. The tonner image is transferred from the drum to paper. This paper then passes through two hot rollers. The heat and pressure from rollers permanently fuses the toner particles on the paper. this how a photo copier machine works and this process and the machine got invented through the science of electrostatics.

Advantages of photo copier machine is that it is convenient. This machine offers a fast and easy way of getting single or multiple copies of documents. It is easy to use and doesnt need any expertise. Having this machine at home or office offers convenience of duplicating documents whenever we want. Second advantage is that it is cheap and quick. We can make copies of documents quickly and cheaply. We can duplicate documents as many times we want. Third advantage is it improves functionality. Having this machine in offices makes office work smooth and avoid delays in handling office paper work. This machine can print both sides and this is an advantage. This option of printing 2 sides speeds up the printing process and this also proves to be economical as it reduces amount of paper needed per copy.

Disadvantages of photo copier machine is that it they are difficult to store. They are large in size hence they consume large amount of space. And they heavy too this means we cannot move it here and there. Second disadvantage is that they consume lots of paper this means they are not environmental friendly. Third disadvantage is that expensive and less beneficial. Its maintenance costs very high. If we do not get it through annual service it may stop working and the repairing charges may increase a lot.

Economic implications of using a photocopier machine is the cost of photocopier machine isnt that much expensive. The cost may affect families financially but not significantly, for a standard photocopier for a household can be cheap. Families who are from a low or single family income may find it little difficult to buy this machine but still find money to buy it, as it is useful for whole family. Buying a photocopier machine for workplace maybe a bit more expensive than standard machine for households however since the photocopiers for office is much bigger and can handle more work then it is priceless machine that business can invest in.

Social implications of using a photocopier machine is that parents being able to afford a photocopier means that their children are able to work on school projects or even for themselves to be able to do some work while still being a home with rest of the family. This makes a good family relationship as they all can work together at home rather than being alone in a library or being struck at work.

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A Device Designed for Making Quick Copies
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