Work Ethic Is Dying

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As I grow older and time goes on and each day seems the same I have learned to observe what the people of the American society live by. To me, if the general society had a motto, it would be my parents will pave my way to success and anything that I need. Work ethic is dying and American society is losing sight of what it means to have true work ethic and grit.

My grandpa is now, today, a strong and healthy 63 year old.

He was raised by the rules of don’t ever quit, work, and determination will get you as far as you want to go. Although I haven’t lived the same lifestyle as he has, but he has taught me those values. The hard work that he has passed down to me has made me an all conference running back and excel in the classroom with straight A’s. Not only have I done that I also have my own successful lawn care business that I started when I was 14.

In America today you don’t see this very often and some don’t get the privilege to learn from their grandparents. Although there are plenty that do and don’t take advantage of learning hardwork and are content with having a device or watching a netflix series all day. We all wonder why the obesity rates have been rising well a good answer would be today’s children don’t know how to use a shovel or even know how to read a map to go hiking or hunting.

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Video games destroys work ethic. When you ask someone what they do after school or on a weekend the most popular answer I receive is I ate, slept and played video games. I ask did you even get up to feed the dog or mow the grass? Of course the answer is no or they say my parents do that. Video games from my own experience force you to sit down for hours. Also, it takes every ounce of motivation a person can have. I know most to all highschool students don’t have much money, but it can be solved. I always hear, “ I’m broker than a joke.” This all goes back to having a work ethic and being able to get a job and ditch the games and learn how far a work ethic can get you. Instead they’d rather stay home and beat level 44 then make a dollar.

American’s will now always depend on immigrants to do the back breaking labor. The military which is a high intensity and physical job actually work less. The heavy equipment, aircraft and robots do the heavy lifting and back breaking work. This leaves our military men just sitting. There are more office jobs than ever in today’s world, but you still have to have a work ethic and strong motivation to get your job done correctly. Speaking of robots they are also ruining work ethic because they are replacing people and jobs and leaving the average american at home sitting. Driving is a very laid back activity and the society is making Tesla cars which drive themselves. Our society is creating humans that expect things to be done for them and things to be done immediately.

Nothing is wrong with a 30 minute to an hour video game session because in all reality it does help you with hand eye coordination. Although I was talking to a fellow classmate who is a regular gamer and he said that video games suck you in to keep playing and forces you to procrastinate homework and chores. Some may say technology is where this world is going which is true, but it causes accidents that are ending up in deaths. Just recently, in March, there was a car accident with the Tesla car in autopilot mode and sped up and swerved into a concrete barrier and killed the man behind the wheel. We all love the video games and the technology, but it is taking away from the hands we were given and the use of a shovel.

American society is losing sight of what true work ethic and grit is and what it stands for. Work ethic is supposed to keep you active even in your older years and teach you to grow up by doing things yourself even if it’s difficult. The generation of wanting to be known as an outstanding worker is slowly disappearing. My goal is to keep my generation of work ethic passed on through my children.

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