Witness the game from Daan and Thomas Heerma van Voss Review

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History say many, repeat itself. Repeated and dramatic individual fates, and each other in two generations? Something suggested by the Dutch brothers Daan and Thomas Heerma van Voss in her detective novel “Witness of the game”. Quite unusual not only the plot, but the entire plot preparation, the space allows for all kinds of speculation.

In a nutshell, it’s about two parallel seeming murders committed at intervals of a few years. In the first case the psychiatrist Aron Mulder in the Netherlands is accused of murdering his wife, in the second case his son Alexander is said to have killed his girlfriend in the USA.

The father is released after detention for lack of evidence to freedom, but the suspicion of guilt sticks as a lifelong blemish on him. The son, however, although he maintained his innocence until the end, sentenced in Louisiana to death by lethal injection.

It is true that the cheeky reviewer herewith the cruel end of the son betrayed, but that it does not take the novel its tension.

Because the police investigation efforts to perpetration are only one of the strands of the novel and lead the remainder by no means simple truths. Coverage focuses on the other hand put the two author brothers on the broken, complex characters of their figures, to give up the turn many a riddle.

The plot begins with a turbulent exotic scene and straight leads to the first fatality. New Orleans vibrates and dances and jazzt in chaotic turgid Mardi Gras -Lärm, right in the middle gear man in Voodoo costume with a necklace made of matches.

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He harassed a young woman, she is reluctant, but then climbs into his car. A few hours later, hikers her body, prepared with multiple stab wounds, one of the many bayous.

In the forensic institute the pathologist explained the investigator Hanna Vincennes his findings. Nathalie Underwood, 25, smothered with punctured lung in the mud. Under the nail of her index finger, the physician pulls out a tiny dark object, the end of a match. Before Hanna ever starts work, please visit the web already the first posts to the ” Mardi Gras – killer” of a serial killer or the “Loop garoo” (a kind of werewolf) was

Quick falls Hanna suspected Nathalie’s longtime friend and fellow student Alexander van Zandt, who lives in an apartment on campus. Lately there had been violent quarrels between the two fellow students say. But Alexander denied under interrogation to have committed the offense. He had been with Nathalie in a cafe, but suddenly she had then left him to meet with anyone anywhere. Thus, Alexander has seen the victim alive the last one – and no alibi

The headlines about the sensational murder spill internet to Europe, where they 57 reach Aron Mulder.. He senses immediately that the accused his son be (under a new name) has and it uncharged murder did not commit, booked a plane ticket and hired a private investigator to find the Nathalie’s real killer.

Alexander had just times eleven, was stabbed to death when his beloved mother Nora during a walk in the woods. For the boys it was clear that no one had done more than his mendacious, hateful father action. Finally he had enough noticed by the eternal quarrels. At eighteen, he sat down to America from, never again let hear from and could not be found for the father in spite of dedicated experiments. Now as Aron anrückt and offers his help, Alexander rejected this vehemently, and prohibits the Father even to visit him again in prison.

The events are told from the perspectives of the main characters, which open up strong contradictions , Thus the past from Aron’s view reads quite differently. Thus he led a devoted marriage, to his great love was snatched by the violence. In the process, however, neither the Court Aron was able to prove his innocence his guilt. After the prison tried Aron track down another suspect, but the Netherlands has left apparently.

The thriller ” ultimatum < " Daan and Thomas Heerma van Voss: "Ultimatum" at

But then it hooks over and over again during the plausibility. The first difficulty swallowing occur when Aron concludes from the news of a murder on the other side of the world intuitively to have found his missing son for years, and is convinced without a clue also equal of his innocence. That may be part of the strategy to take the reader once for the Father. When his son later on the other hand is a repulsive picture of him, he falls more deeply.

More logical breakthroughs, questionable and open puzzles you will notice no later than looking back and complain about the motive for the crime, in which too weak symbolism, indicated “insinuations” and a “belt buckle” in the matches that promise on the cover of a strong central motif and then did not ignite, after the conduct of the investigator at the end. Bottom line, I found this novel but to be quite wobbly, artificial construct what his thriller qualities significantly impaired. The matches will end up once again its determination in accordance used (a piece of paper to burn), which is probably ignite our expectations to a second co-authored crime of the two Dutch authors brothers. Hopefully, the more heat can produce.

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Witness the game from Daan and Thomas Heerma van Voss Review
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