Wishing And Doing The Correct Thing Is Not Always Lead To Successful

Wishing and doing the correct thing is not always lead to successful results, it is the case of Madame Loisel, in the short story The Necklaceby Guy De Maupassant a superficial woman who had to work for ten years in order to replace a borrowed fake necklace who end up losing her beauty. On the other hand, a guilty heart made the murderer to confess his crime on The Tell- Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe. Last but not least, Leo Tolstoy story The Three Questions drives a king to a journey searching for the ideal time and to behave properly as a king.

The king left his kingdom in order to find three perfects answers offering rewards to whom give the best response. In real life, there are also similar situations that puts people in trouble or in a perfect moment to induce their creativity to learn more how live and leaving lessons for their entire life.

Although Mr. Loisel worked to provide a good life to his wife, she was not content.

In the story The Necklace Madame Loisel a greedy woman who cares only about her appearance. She had a decent life with all the necessary things to be happy, but it wasn’t enough for her, because she envy others for the things she didn’t or couldn’t have. She felt that she was too beautiful and deserved to have more materialistic things than she had. Her superficial behavior lead her to borrow a necklace to be the center of attention at a party.

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Sadly, she lost what she believed was a diamond necklace. She had to work for ten years to pay the debt to replace the necklace that she borrowed from a friend. Madame Loisel, could have avoided all the sacrifice by telling the truth, instead she decided to keep quiet and replace the necklace for a real diamond necklace that cost more than the fake one. Madame Loisel really wish to be rich, but because of her ambition she ends up in a worse position than she was. Being humble enough to appreciate and valuing and be grateful it’s a quality that every human should have. Knowing what’s really important, that it’s not all about superficial and materialistic possessions in order to be happy.

Similarly, Edgar Allan Poe at The Tell-Tale Heart an unknown narrator begins declaring to having killed an old man. A fear of the man’s blue eye of the reason of killing, while he insists he is not crazy because he measure his actions. Every night during a week he went to the old man room, each night around midnight until he decided that it was the right time to kill the old man. After he killed the man, the narrator cut the body and buried under the floor in the same room. The police shows up and he shows the house and lie about the old man absence. But the narrator started hearing a heart noise that gets lauder and lauder until he tells the cops to look under the floor for the dead body. All the perseverance by the narrator of doing things right were betrayed by the fear of being caught. That at the end he end ups confessing the crime he committed.

Equally important Leo Tolstoy story, The Three Questions begins on a confused king looking for three answers to avoid failure as a king. This puzzle lead the king to leave the kingdom in order to find that he was looking for. He got into an old hermit hopping this old man will help him to get the correct answers. The hermit was working hard and did not have the time to liseng the king. The king offered his help dig and asked the questions again, before the old man answered a man appeared bleeding with doubt the king helped him. The next day the wounded man was doing better and the king asked the hermit again. The hermit replied that he had already found the answer by himself by helping every day humble people went is need it. The king realized that the perfect time was the present and the most important person is hoever is around and the most important thing is to do good to others. This story leads a good lesson that treat others with love and help when is need it, the three answer only was the moral values that all people should have.

To sum up, it is clear that the three stories the characters persuade in order to earn what they wish for. A good example of applying the The Golden Rule to whoever is around and live a life with respect,love, dignity in order to be happy and achieve success.

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Wishing And Doing The Correct Thing Is Not Always Lead To Successful
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