White Male On Terrorism

In May of 2017, a 35-year-old white man from Oregon named Jeremy Joseph Christian harassed Muslim teenagers on a train in Portland, telling them “We need Americans here!” Two men interfered, but Christian stabbed and killed them both after the intercession. A 64-year-old white male from Nevada opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas with more than 50 dead and at least 200 injured. These incidents aren’t the only ones regarding white males terrorizing innocent individuals based on their own ideologies and theories.

Keenly, these shooters inhabit that of a white male. Hate crime and terrorism have accelerated significantly in the last few years yet haven’t sparked any real action that should be taken in an attempt to control the issue, and speak towards future laws, and regulations.

Since Trump’s presidency, white male terrorism and hate crimes have perceptibly accelerated as his policies, and attitudes promote such acts of violence. Unfortunately, the government consistently fails to resolve the issue as it is a constant problematic for Americans.

Continual inactiveness from the authority detains the prominent issue that hasn’t been dealt with. Statistics exhibit the tremendous increase in domestic terrorism supporting the major concern in violence enlargement especially in the year of the election when Trump became president. Data according to the Washington Post illustrates that since 2016, domestic terrorism incidents have risen yet again even higher than 2001 incidents. FBI data exhibits that hate crimes have spiked around the time of the November 2016 election.

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Right-wing total incidents prove the highest with a number of 36 incidents in 2017 while Islamist extremism produces a number of 7 incidents according to the Washington Post .

Of the 263 incidents of domestic terrorism between 2010 and the end of 2017, ⅓ – 92 – were committed by right-wing attackers according to the Post’s Analysis. Anti-Muslim crime experienced the biggest rise- of 6,121 hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2016, anti-Islamic crimes accounted for 307. Approximately, this provided a 19% rise from the previous year. The Anti-Defamation League documented a 57% outpouring in anti-Semitic incidents in 2017, especially at schools and on college campuses. Contrary to these statistics, the FBI released its hate crime statistics for 2016 which revealed that the US experienced a rise over the year- especially incidents targeting Muslims and whites. The data exemplified that anti-white crime noted the second biggest rise as in 2016 which rose 17% to a reported 720 incidents. When sheer numbers are taken into account, anti-black crime reportedly exhibited the most commonly type of racially motivated crime. Roughly half of the reported incidents in 2016 fit into the anti-black category. Translated, black people have a higher probability of being victims of hate crimes than white people.

White supremacists often appeal to manipulation of crime statistics in order to claim the non white minorities, especially blacks, are more prone to commit a crime and are the roof of most violent crimes against whites. A BJS study exemplifies evidently that’s not the case with statistics. Carried out by whites, approximately 57% of those crimes involve white victims, 11% carried out by Hispanics, and 15% by black. On the other hand, committed by blacks, 63% of those crimes regard black victims, 11% by whites, and 6.6% by Hispanics. Thus, The percentage of same race crime reported significantly higher than interracial victimization. The report goes on to inform readers that the rate of white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1000) displayed four times higher than the black on white (3.1 per 1000) violent crime. The rate of black on black crime proved more than five times higher than white on black violent crime. Data from a National Crime Victim survey in 2000 displayed that 73% of white violent crime victims attacked by whites and 80% of black victims were committed by blacks.

In 2016, then candidate Donald Trump retweeted a graphic that emerge from a neo-Nazi website dealing out statistics primarily from CofCC and Jared Taylor, who is the author of The Color of Crime popular on radical right whose use of faculty analysis claims whites increasingly became victimized by blacks. These false concepts birth consequences, however. For instance, Dylann Roof, the domestic terrorist who executed nine members of a Charlestown church’s black congregation in June of 2015, exclaimed loudly during the rampage towards his victims that they repeatedly were “killing us” referring to the whites. His belief formulated on what he specifically cited from the CofCC’s website and Taylor’s pamphlet as the the root of his arrogant knowledge. FBI data exemplified that the US experienced a slight decline in violent crimes from 2016 to 2017 by 0.2%. Of the 6,121 criminal incidents reported in 2016, 6,063 represented single-bias incidents of those incidents, 57.5% among them acted from race/ethnicity/ancestry bias, 21% from religious bias, 17.7%

From sexual orientation bias, 2.0% from gender identity bias, 1.2% from disability bias, and 0.5% from gender bias (FBI, par 4). A reported estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes occurred nationwide which displayed an increase of 4.1% from the 2015 estimate. Of the 7,106 single-bias incidents in 2017 involving 8,493 victims, 59.6% among them acted from race/ethnicity/ancestry bias, 20.6% from religious bias, 15.8% from sexual orientation bias, 1.9% from disability bias, 1.6% from gender identity bias, and 0.6% from gender bias. The reported estimate of 1,247,321 of violent crimes, 2017 experienced a decrease of 0.2% from the 2016 estimate (FBI, par 3) .With the decrease in violent crimes by 0.2 %, General Jeff Sessions believed all gratitude and praise belonged to President Donald Trump which proved his effectiveness and honor to his word. However, the high numbers of imprisonment due to enforced policies by policeman and policewomen keeps criminals off the streets. Trump only happened to be elected at a time when the violent crime rate barely decreased.

According to the news site, Quartz, an analysis compiled through their Global Terrorism Database by Luis Romero, a reporter for the news site, displays that two-thirds of terror attacks in the United States in 2017, connected to right wing motives which includes anti-Muslim, homophobic, anti-Semitic, fascist, anti-government, or xenophobic drives (only known ideological identities found their way on the list). The remaining of the terror attacks belong to left-wing ideologies, and Islamic extremism most of whom identify as whites. In 2017, the recent surge in terror-related violence increased to 65 from 59 in 2006. Thirty-seven of the sixty-five attacks correlated to right wing ideologies. SPLC continues to exploit the rise in hate groups countrywide as they remain prevalent and prominent in today’s society. The alt-right rise, possibly supported by the US presidential election campaign of Mr.Trump, encircle “textbook racism”, anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim,

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