When I was a teenager

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The following sample essay on: “When I was a teenager;” I did a lot of mistakes only to do some fun, play or to do some noise because you feel bored. Maybe it was not my fault because my awareness was not enough towards what will happen if I did like that action. In fact, after I pass that age my dad said for me that “my adolescence reminded him with his little brother because both of us at that age were not able to evaluate the effect of the situation that we are putting our self with, especially because our thoughts were only how to show that you are cool.

” My mistake was I used to push everyone around me at school for no reason, only to do some fun with my friends and to have something to speak about during that routine day.

I was just about 14 years old, only in two minutes when the math teacher left the class and we were waiting for the music teacher until she reaches our class to start her lesson.

Like any student in the world, I enjoyed these two minutes because I considered them such as a breath for me from studying. During that time, my friend Elie was standing in front of me, so I removed his chair away because I was planning to fall him down on the floor instead of sitting on his chair to let my classmates laugh at him. But I waited for a long time and he did not sit down, and I was worried if the teacher would come before he decide to sit.

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For that, I push him to the back from his uniform. Suddenly, while he was falling down his head hits my table and till now I still remember that sound. But at that moment, me and my mates did not understand that our friend was injured, so we started laughing at him because of his reaction that was looking that he got shocked from the fall. At that moment, I was so proud of myself for what I did until the teacher enter the class and Elie was crying from his pain.

Once the teacher took us to the principle office; the principle asked Elie “why you are crying,” but Elie did not answer. Accordingly, the principle tried to build any conservation with Elie to let him speak and again no answer. After that there faces get changed, and the principle said that “please, Ms. Rana call the ambulance.” For the first time, I felt worried for what was going to happen to me and my emotions was mixed.

After that my dad come with a conflicted face and directly he speaks with the principle about Elie’s condition. The principle said that “the emergency doctor informed me that the student head is fractured, and they will keep him at the hospital to monitor his case.” Then, we went home, and my father was so mad. He told me that” tomorrow we will talk about what you did today and be sure that I will punish you for that.” At that night I did not sleep because I was thinking about what and why I did that and what will happen to my friend Elie.

Now I understand that because of my mistakes people were affected and so was I. I believe that everybody makes mistakes, so when someone makes a mess of themselves because of something, I tell them to choose the right path. That’s my advice because whenever you make a mistake you should not be led to things you don’t want to do but to do things that are good for you.

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When I was a teenager
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