Violations Is The Title of a Short Story by Courtney Jones

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The following sample essay on Violations is the title of a short story by Courtney Jones.Irregularities is the name of the short story by Courtney Jones in this story we are introduced to an affair betwen a Doctor and his assistant. The Doctor, better knowned as James Soleander, lives a highclass life which he can afford since he is a well payed doctor. He has nice shoes and weares cashmere sweaters something that the narrator never really had contact with until she started working for him.

They are from two different stages in society. The narrator says that James Soloanders office is furnished better than her apartment and one can only imagine the state her apartment is in or imagine the amount of money that James Soleander is in possession of. James Soleander is a doctor and he is attracted to the narrator’s heartbeat which is irregular and it is fascinating to him since he is a doctor and he says that “therei?? s art in imperfection” and that “true beauty lies in nature?? s mistakes”.

Through out the short story the narrator gets more and more annoyed at James because she is carrying his baby and he dosent even notice that she is pregnate. But then again how should he? She hasent even told him that she is pregnate. Their affair started of when James examined the narratori?? s heartbeat and he got attracted to her right away, or more correctly her irregular heartbeat. He had bought the narrator two gifts which she has on her desk.

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The narrator knows that James has a wife but that dosent stop her from dreaming of a future with him as his wife and she imagines a big white wedding that her sister could coordinate.

James has a jacket of cashemere that the narrator use to put around her shoulders to feel the softness of the fabric but one day he starts to take the jacket home every night and the narrator can no longer enjoy the soft jacket warming her. This can be seen as a symbol for their relationsship. James Soleander is pulling himself more away from her and starts to make their relationship less affectionately, more like a boss/sectretary affair as it started out to be. This story contains many themes such as affairs, infidelity, motherhood, and most of all lies. The narrator feels a very strong connection to her baby that she is carrying inside, so much that the baby have decided that its mother no longer can enjoy onions. Unfortunately after three months of pregancy she discovers that she might not be able to hold onto the baby.

Her world crumbles and she tells James about it his only comment is that he is sorry. Her only comfort is that now she can return to her short-lived relationship with the baby, smoking and drinking and ordering her food with onions. All of which dosent seem much as a comfort considering the joy that the narrator has expressed about this baby. Some images that keeps recurring is the image of the onions. I see the onions as a symbol of the baby. Onions is something new to the narrator like being pregnate is a new thing to her as well. She ordered a sanwich wihout onions but she got them anyway. She has an affair with a married man but she had never wished to get pregnate however as we have read that wasent the case.

Her lifes inspiration seems to come from womenis magazines apparentely she dosent have the confidente of making her own dicisions and she turns to the magazine too guide her. The story is build up around the narratori?? s pregnacy. She crosses the line of a boss and secratary affair when she starts dreaming about a future for him and her and their baby knowing that he has a wife she complety ignores the fact that he is already taken and she is merely a fling to him. The more she gets aware of the baby the more James takes less interest in her.

It could be that his sexual interest in her gets smaller because he can sense that she wants more out of this affair. At the endning of the story the narrator ask James for advice about a heartburn she has. He tells her that heartburn has nothing to do with the heart at all and that is a gastrointestinal matter. With that said we can see that their affair is over and he wants nothing to do with her anymore. Because he is a heartdoctor and heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. Futhermore he laughs at her while he walks away as if she is stupid for thinking that heartburn has anything to do with the heart.

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