Triangle of Love in Othello by William Shakespeare

Known as one of the most dramatic stories that Shakespeare has written, the play of Othello unravels in to a tragic epidemic of murders all strategized by the antagonist, Iago. Displayed with a wonderful love story depicting a couple working together to defeat all social criticism, popular stereotypes, and the manipulation of others. The main character Othello was tricked by others into believing his Desdemona promiscuous with the man who had taken his power, which infuriated him, and led to the death of Desdemona and his own suicide.

Written by William Shakespeare in 1603, based in the towns of Venice and Cyprus Othello’s play is constructed of five different acts, each one containing 3 different scenes providing its organization patternr When printed, this play would be typed in a little over two hundred pages of 160 lines of Shakespearian play writing Many different critics have speculated this literary work as one of the most tragic plots and storyline out of all Shakespeare’s works, which also introduces one of the most non-heroic characters ever heard of from Shakespeare plays, Foster.

Othello is so consumed with feelings of betrayal that all he cares about is the death of his wife, the guy who she cheated with, and his own. Shakespeare spotlighted this play around the nominal character, whom was both a Christianeconvert, and military leader at the time. Othello was sent by the Venetians to defend the island of Cyprus from an invading Turkish Fleet (Rosenblum) Shakespeare’s Othello was written consecutively to Hamlets play, influencing the dramatically and tragic love story these plays present to the audiences, In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare used the ghost of his father to investigate upon the cheater of the love story and make sure he paid for the infidelity with his own life, in the same way loya led Othello to create an artificial cheating scenario that led to their mortality.

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Utilizing a great imagination, William Shakespeare was able to interpret most of the controversial issues throughout this time period in his play, thus educating and entertaining his audiencesi Shakespeare emphasized the racism against black people and women through the love displayed by Othello and Desdemona, in which they were able to battle and represent the normality and equality deserved by the subjects Othello was arrested after escaping with.

Barvantion‘s daughter; Barvanalion’s men captured and arrested Othello under charges of witchcraft The ideal of a white woman being attracted to a black man was unheard of and looked down upon, which led Desdemona’s father to think Othello had given his daughter a spelli In attempts to save her black lover, with an imitate response Desdemona contradicted his argument and informing all audiences that she was deeply in love with this man This made her father reanalyze the situation and think that there may not be anything wrong with the clash of cultures and skin colors, In conclusion, William Shakespeare continued with his wonderful playwriting in an effort to educate and entertain his audiences with heart-pumping, breathtakingly dramatic and tragic scenarios. Othello’s un-heroic act of suicide expressed his passionate love for Desdemona so much that he couldn’t live without her.

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