Book “The Tract” of Arno Strobel

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When awakened Sibylle Aurich, she finds herself, dressed in a shirt and dnnes connected to monitors in a hospital bed. Why it is there and how they got there, they did not know. but what moves them even more, is where her little son Luke and her husband John are The chief doctor of the clinic klrt them on. They had been at night berfallen in a dark park. A violent blow to the head had immediately gefhrt unconsciousness.

After that, they have lain in this private hospital two months in a coma.

As for the son, as they MSSE be wrong, because they have none at all. But that is quite normal in Schdeltraumata, not the brain, which is yet to fhig incredible achievements, knne also supply such scarcely believable misinformation. believes Sybille and trusted the doctor. She is convinced that one has locked them. In desperation, she plunges on him, stealing the Schlssel and flees.

In her drftigen outfit she pulls out the comments grlender young people and the attention of passers-by.

Scares them together when in front of her anhlt a car and driver to respond: “rum My God, my child, as you lufst because here you get yourself in trouble?”. Sybille gets in. Hans, a strange fellow, everything has observed and immediately hangs up the phone. When and how is it well to “they” – the “Jane Doe” element – must influence The text is written very exciting. Much is rtselhaft in this nightmare.

Sibylle was kidnapped? Why she was held captive in the basement of a private clinic? If the unknown lady help? If the police a woman who can not identify, believe? What – and the threat – is behind “John”, the “element Jane Doe” and the “wing” that somehow associated I’m sure me: Arno Strobel is any question in his gripping thriller “The tract” in the finest answer.

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Book “The Tract” of Arno Strobel
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