The Rise of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Nowadays, women have equality and freedom comparable to men because of the prominent women who paved the way during the Abolitionist and Women’s Suffrage Movements. The Abolitionist Movement campaigned for the equality of all people despite the color of their skin. While the Women’s Suffrage Movement fought for their ability to obtain equal rights and the aptitude to vote. Mutually, both women and slaves of the time obtained similarly equal rights. The Abolitionist Movement served as a precursor to the Women’s Suffrage Movement by creating equality between races.

The Abolitionist Movement gave equality to all races, but it’s not the only thing it did, the movement also helped women kick off the Women’s Suffrage Movement which strived to achieve equality between sexes. Though both movements’ main objectives were equality and the Abolitionist Movement appeared first, you would not have one without the other. First and foremost, is the fact that women had been speaking out about equality, long before slaves were dragged over to America.

The actual Women’s Suffrage Movement didn’t officially kick off until the Abolitionist Movement had already knocked down numerous walls, so the women would then be able to barge right through and snatch the equality that belonged to them. As women started to hear about the rebellious slaves that had demanded freedom and equality such as every other man, they assumed that they would be able to do the same with the equality between sexes.

A group of know abolitionists and Suffragists banded together to form the first women’s rights convention, The Seneca Falls Convention.

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The Seneca Falls Convention led to many regional groups for women’s rights starting to pop up all across the country and women began listening to leaders such as; Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Sojourner Truth, Abby Kelly, Susan B. Anthony and many more. As women across America banded together, the movement became a reality and shortly turned into the congress passing the Nineteenth Amendment, then equality of rights between men and women.

Put together, these movements redefined how society views women and the array of different races. Looking back it is truly amazing the number of ideals both movements were able to accomplish and how the majority of these laws exist today.

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