The Rise Of Consumerism In The Us Of America

The rise of consumerism in the 1920s allowed people to purchase items not because they needed them but for their own pleasure and satisfaction. People during this era had the opportunity to purchase items such as refrigerators, washing machines and electronic appliances and automobiles. Women were able to buy makeup and fashionable items. The rise of consumerism gave people more free time. The consumerism era also led to the rise of mass production by producing goods in large quantities so that consumers can purchase items fast and for a cheaper price.

The rise of consumerism also resulted in the advertisement industry blossoming.

Consumer products changed America’s culture because women were able to purchase beauty products and fashionable items, which changed the image of women. Women did not feel the need to keep the persona or image of a typical Victorian female. Women were allowed to dance, smoke and drink. This resulted in the emergence of the “flapper,” a modernized woman who was carefree and expressed themselves through their clothing, makeup and hairstyle.

Since the majority of people during the 1920s had access to a car, radio became a form of communication which provided entertainment and broadcasted programs as well as sports.

The first radio system was called KDKA and the first national radio network, the National Broadcasting Company. People were able to have electric appliances which changed American culture as in the 1920s women’s main responsibility was to take care of the household and electrical appliances were more efficient and helped reduce the workload of domestic work.

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The mass production of cars helped to boost the United States economy due to Henry Ford’s assembly line, which made cars affordable for people to buy.

The advertisement industry used the tactic of propaganda to persuade the public into buying items that they do not want to buy. The increase of advertisement changed the American culture because of the introduction of credit, which allowed Americans to purchase items by receiving loans from the bank. Advertisement and credit worked hand in hand because the advertisement industry urged people to purchase items and credit granted people to do so with money they received from the bank.

The Advertisement industry created magazines and newspapers which appealed to the eyes of people nationwide. The film industry also changed American culture as the movie, “The Jazz Singer,” was the first film during the 1920s to have motion and sound. The United States flourished in the film industry as Hollywood produced most American films. The film industry expanded worldwide, for example, films seen in countries such as Britain, France, Latin America and Canada were produced in the United States. 

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