The Principle of Rights

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Meanwhile Principle of Rights, focuses on what a person can do, rather than what he or she ought to do. According to Thomas Hobbes, a right is the ability of one entity to do what is best to protect his interests. It is “the liberty each man has to use his own power as he will himself, for the preservation of his own nature” (Thomas Hobbes,The Leviathan, 1651). Accordingly, George has the right to keep his job by whatever means possible if this is what he desires.

He will choose to go to Mexico, or to run the plant at night, as he has a right to employment and does not consider the rights of others. The EPA has a right to impose fines, as a government agency designed to control environmental contamination. Bill has a right to fire George for not coming up with a solution or running the plant at night. George’s interest also may include his wife and family if he values the relationship.

By finding a solution or running the plant at night, he has a right to protect his job again from this view. This solution may not address the problem of pollutants but it addresses the jobs that would be lost in Hondo and George has a right to a happy marriage. An outsider may conclude that Ardnak has the right to move the plant to Mexico, where there are no laws regarding pollutants. Another decision maker might determine that he or she has the right to help protect the health of others and decide to call the EPA, if the plant starts operating at night.

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Last but not least, Principle of Justice (Fairness Principle) according to John Rawles, imparts equal opportunity for all and imparts “the greatest benefit of the least advantaged persons” (, 2003). In making the decision according to justice theory, George, as the decision maker, would have to consider the least advantaged persons, which in this case would be the citizens of Hondo or in Mexico. Ardnak Plastic is a corporation with profits that exceed the incomes of the individuals of the community and the employees of Ardnak. Citizens of the Mexican community may be even less financially secure, so they are the least advantaged. They also have no knowledge of the EPA fines or the procedures of Ardnak. They may not have funds to access health care, should the plant cause health problems. The decision would then come down to who is least advantaged, the citizens of Mexico or of Hondo? If George determines the citizens of Mexico are least advantaged, he would decide to run the plant at night in Hondo when high levels of pollutant are not detected.

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