Postmodern Hero in Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog

What is a postmodern Hero? When we hear the word “hero“ one of our first thoughts are famous characters from cartoons and movies such as Superman, Superwoman, Batman, Spiderman and so out. These people are basically characterized by the word “hero“ but we’ve moved and found ourselves located in a postmodern era so what is a postmodern hero? Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog is a mini-series divided in three acts. We are introduced to the conflicts through DrrHorrible‘s Web blogs and the songs in the mini-series.

The first time we are seeing Dr.Horrible also known as Billy is in a white lab coat and some googles strapped around his forehead. As far as we know Dr. Horrible wants to join the evil league of evil, where the most notorious villains are gathered as a big team, but his plans are usually interrupted by Captain Hammer. One day Dr. Horrible decides to set off a heist and steal some wonder fluid from a van.

Penny, the girl, that DrrHorrible is interested apparently falls in love with Captain Hammer after he apparently saves her.

Everything falls down the hill when Dr. l-horrible wants to impress the league and try to win Penny’s heart. In the movie, the protagonist is Dr, Horrible and the antagonist is Captain hammer. Even though Dr. Horrible is represented as a villain he still manages to be the protagonist and Captain Hammer is represented as a hero but still manages to be the antagonist which is untraditional in most cases the movie is a bit different compared to other classic superhero movies because it manages to create a mix and switch up the roles by making the self— proclaimed villain the protagonist and the self-proclaimed hero the antagonist.

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The interesting part about this movie is that Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer could fill the role of hero or villain easily but it of course depends on how you look at things and circumstances “Everyone’s a hero in their own way Everyone can blaze a hero‘s trail Don’t worry if it’s hard.

If you’re not a friggin’ ‘tard you will prevail Everyone’s a hero in their own way everyone’s a hero in their way” In act three the song “everyone‘s a hero in their own way“ is performed by Captain Hammer and the message is very clear. The song is special because it‘s performed by a person like Captain Hammer he is the hero of the city, but he does very little for their community and he only wants to spoil Dr. Horrible’s plans Dr. Horrible just wants to be evil, but he wants this in order to make a better world. As he says, “It’s about destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it” Captain Hammer the typical macho hero, on the other side of the isle fights evil, but only to satisfy himself, his ego and impress girls.  The two characters are being watched, of course by us as an audience, but also inside the story. Dr. Horrible has a web blog and is inspected by the Evil League of Evil meanwhile Captain Hammer is loved by the media because he is the “hero” of their city.

Their behavior and self-expectations are driven by the way that people watch them, and the way that the people think they are watching them. The fact that one acts as the hero and the other as the villain is weird. This fits with the fact that much of the story revolves around efforts being made to establish a homeless shelter. The real hero which is Penny because she is trying to make a good change for the weak people in their society what is a postmodern hero? Postmodernism is the thing that comes after modernism. It’s very hard to define because there is so many definitions. 1 think that is where we criticize every basic thing in our world.

There is not only one answer to our questions but there are multiple answers from different angles 50 what is a postmodern hero? The way i see it is whatever you want it to be. We see that we have different characters in Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog that could be seen as a hero Penny who is gathering signatures to build a homeless shelter and save the homeless. We have Captain Hammer that “saves” Penny‘s life because he stopped the van and helped Penny open the homeless shelter by beating the mayor up. At last we have the man himself Dr. Horrible who wants rule the world and destroy the status quo in order to “save” the world. Perhaps a postmodern hero is not a moral model or someone who brings justice For a postmodern world, that may be as heroic as it gets.

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