Promoting Mental Health with WHO

Mental health promotion is a vital important part in all of the world. This is because Individual health is not only addressed as alleviating disease or symptoms but most importantly being in mentally and physically vigorous. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the mental health concept focuses on health and well-being as wellness rather than Illness. Emotional and socral well-being is the personal ability to understand his/her own capabilities, cope with stress situations in day to day life. working effectively and hold responsibilities in the community.

With this definition, it has proved that emotionally or mentally if the individual cannot attend normal human behaviours, then it will influence to personal abilities and so the effect of unrealised mental deformities will not only be affect to individual themself but as a whole society threaten to economy socially and environmentally.

In another word good mental health refers to quality of life and skills like cognitive functioning self-esteem, problem-solving skills, ability to sustain major changes and stressors in life.

Therefore it is core important aspect to develop mental wellbeing in the population. The WHO as the leading organisation has proposed guidelines to articulate the core elements of an approach to public health that will build on current strengths and will provide a concrete foundation to meet future challenges. It envisages building a statewide prevention system for all over the world that will be more effective, better coordinated and more responsive over the longer term. Resent literature reveals that the mental health can seriously correlate with physical illnesses like cardio vascular diseases, diabetes.

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HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases which increase the mobility and mortality in communities. On the other hand HIV/AIDS and diabetic can increase mental impairment which leads to increased mobility rate.

More over child and maternal health also negatively affect mental illnesses if did not receive early recognition. Therefore all communities need to be aware about mental health issues in equal Vision with physical illness. Alleviate disease burden and improve health is one concept according to WHO (2010). Resource management is another concept in mental health continuum which manages cost-effectively. In this concept the well being should take as the theme and the budget should allocate according to that. Most importantly priority should go to prevention programmes which has shown extreme positive outcome in history (Barry M. M, 2007). In WHO Ottawa conference health development project, it has recognised that “build healthy public policy, create supponive environments, strengthen community action, develop personal skills and reorient health services” are the five concept vital to establish global health in individual or communities (2001). Promotion mental health is not only healthcare worker’s accomplishment. It is entire community or entire social responsibility to contribute their effort to improve.

This is because granting mental health principles mainly focus on guide whole communities which will increase public awareness and then public contribution as core important, In this principles it has suggested that Total population should be focus rather than individual who has the higher risk for specific mental disorders, improving quality of life and well being in total population, recognition of different social physical and socio economical environment to prevent risk factors, adopt criteria suit to different backgrounds, paving the way for intra social communication to recognise effective strategies and finally public participation, engagement and empowerment suspected. Mental health promotion interventions have applied in Australia in 2010. The main focus interventions in that project were individual Screening and risk assessment,

health education and skill development, health information and social marketing and community action and supportive environment. These are the interventions that nurses can improve public mental health and support to improve quality of life. Nurses can actively contribute their effort to increase mental health compare with other health professionals Nurses can commence mental health interventions prevention programmes because they are the profession in front line to provide care in different settings and different areas; they have varieties of contact with patients, their families and friends. Nurses are the profession who look after patient closely and who make observation in different settings like hospital, public health clinics and home visiting. They have knowledge and expertise experience regarding abnormal behaviours or abnormal findings regarding early mental health recognition.

On the other hand nurse’s education has increasingly developed to evidence based practise and research method which increasingly engage in health care setting to improve mental health rather than alleviating disease or symptoms Their main aim is wellbeing of the client which means provide medical treatment and parallel with that develop good patient assessment abilities, patient teaching abilities, good communication abilities, counselling abilities, and making good relationship. Individual screening and risk assessment made good commencement to mental health programme in Canada. Individual meeting and discussing with them regarding their daily habit, health problems and their personal problems can make better understanding regarding their mental health and risk factors for developing mental illnesses. In clinical field when people come through with another illness it is time to screen the individual for mental health problems like wise physical diseases. This action increase incidence of early recognition and refer them to mental health programmes to further investigation and give support to find exact treatment for the condition.

Establishing mental health is challenging when it is late to recognise individuals and therefore successfulness of intervention can be slight. Successful project provide evidence that importance of early recognition of mental impairment and that pave the way to early intervention and promote mental health accomplishments. Therefore public health nurses can achieve this. Canadian project has given evidence that Registered nurses, who got training speciality in metal health promotion, were successful to achieve the project outcome compare with other mental health professionals. They were working in public health areas and conduct home visiting services to recognise high risk group and facilitated family support for the risk individual continue assessment and educate them to build their resilience. Nursing interference in this project were made project more successful.

Health education and skill development is the method use in wide verities of communities to prevent mental illnesses and promote mental health in community base. Health education increases the knowledge regarding health matters and increase awareness of resources which available to find solution or treatment surround them. Skill development arranges a best resolution for unemployment which is the most serious burden to promote mental health. Lack of work or unemployment. on the other, can have negative effects on public mental well-being. Those who become unemployed are twice as likely to have increased depressive symptoms and be diagnosed with clinical depression as those who remain employed.Skill development is not only to reduce the number of unemployment but increases the personal or individual ability to cope with day to day problems and built self-resilience on their problem.

Health information and Social marketing also gain knowledge on the population regarding health problems, possible causes, resources and treatment method. Wide verities of media like television, radio channels, news papers, web pages and online health channels can use to spread the up to dated health information through the population These methods have easy access and mostly free of charges. Thus these have shown a good inter connection between population to transform health knowledge. If the health budget is allocated accordingly able to address young generation and substance users because they may prefer modified education method rather than topic focus education, This kind of method will increase the benefit by reducing the number of mental deformities in the society. Social marketing is again spreading knowledge using mainly on paper based media like pamphlets, leaflet booklet, poster cut out banner and advertisement.

This method easily can commence by nurses in public health to improve and gather them to main aim which is promoting mental health, These tools can use to increase knowledge and change attitude regarding health issues and individual perception regarding those issues. Final part of intervention hopes to build characters which act against the mental illnesses by themselves. In community action and settings and supportive environment, they hope to do to build IndiVIduaIs with increased public awareness and knowledge will become the leader to help them and support others to increase their wellbeing and quality of life. On the other word the individuals will be support each other‘s and their own health improvement. Moreover this will increase family and community support and increase bond to reduce difficulties in day to day life.

Nurses are performing core role in mental health continuum with other professionals. While working in mental health continuum nurses need to be aware about their own mental health simultaneously. The work related health and safety is not a new integral concept which build secure environment to employer employee and client. Most are aware about manual handling. ergonomics. chemical and biological hazards which are physically hazardous to workers though. psychological hazards are overwhelm through the professionals, Depends on their role, nurses are increasingly confront with stressors as psychological hazard and this may develop as a mental or psychological disease with continue exposure. The effects of work on mental health are complex, On the one hand. work is a source of personal satisfaction and accomplishment, interpersonal contacts and financial security, and these are all prerequisites for good mental health.

When work is poorly organized and when risks at the workplace have not been properly addressed, work can also have negative effects on mental health of the staff. Work-related stress is the response people may have when presented with this kind of situations. Taking time out is a one strategy that Singapore nurses are practising to cope with work related stressors. With this strategy they use brake in between their duty time to have snack and chat with others. This helps them to change their role and relive extreme work load and this cause to relive stress. Some used to go for shopping not to buy goods butjust for relax their mind with different items orjust walking around help them to relax. Emotional support also very help full for them to cope with stressors. Family members, friends, other nurses or colleagues help here to reduce stress by listening. This will increase the support from them and continuing good relationship among them Will easy to find the solution for the problems, The third method is personal believes which mainly based on luck. When good thing happen they believes the day is lucky and when bad thing happen bad luck.

This was emotionally support them to reduce and understand the incidence if some stress come towards them. More over New South Whales(NSW) nurses association propose techniques to relax stresses which are Arranging things in priority hierarchy, Share your uncertainties with your family and friends, be ready to any circumstance by increasing your knowledge and understanding your own coping mechanism, not being too solid on yourself, keep up thinking that being worry will not solve problem, reduce fear by good planning to face some problem. clearly identify your goals and achievement, keep up fit your body by having nutritional food and enough exercise, try to develop relaxation technique, have fun in regular basis with your preferred people, think positively and keep in mind that you cannot be prompt at every time (2006).

Finally, it can conclude that the mental health is vital important field in the health sector contributing resources and effort equally to build health on individuals will improve mental health in public. Reduction of mental health and quality of life can increase the physical illnesses directly with putting individual health at risk‘ More over the current literature provide evidence regarding mental health problems and clear connection of chronic and high mortality and morbidity causes physical illnesses. Therefore there should not be an argument to promote mental health likewise physical health. Nurses can contribute their effort to mental health promotion better than other professionals, because of their expertise knowledge experience, attitude, working in all area and field; have good relationship with client and family members. While working in mental health field the nurses should be aware about their own mental health status to reduce impact and disadvantages in mental health promotion. The concept of mental health promotion will be really advantage to generations by increasing people health and wellbeing.

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