The Life and Work Ethics of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had dedication and drive for success like no other businessman at the time of his beginnings. He pushed through his hard times to get to his success. Steve also mastered presentations and was known for his celebrity and charisma. This made him big in the business world. Steve’s charisma made people watching want to buy the product. It made people want these products as soon as they come out. This remains true today even after his death.

The new iPhones sell out within minutes of release.

Steve was known as a hot-tempered manager throughout his life. He even was hated at some points by employees. He also was not always fair with his employees. He would make some famous for their work and others he would insult. Jobs was also obsessed with small details and he would give feedback on his employees work. This feedback was not always good and they would not always like that.

His attitude was not completely bad. He was honest and settled for nothing less.

Jobs was simple, but also the same perfectionist at his home as he was at work. Jobs also never did his work for the money and he never spent it lavishly. He did enjoy the perks of being a millionaire but never over the top. Jobs had an impact on the technology world. He set many precedents that are still followed today. He shaped Apple into what is, and made an mark on what the company stands for.

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He had innovative ideas ±at turned into products we use on a daily basis. He has made is impact on history and that impact will continue to be seen in Apple and other technology companies. His ideas have been built on and it is amazing to see what will come out next from Apple knowing where it all started.

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