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“A sea of ​​signs of life” is the house in which the fifty-year-old Jean Perdu lives in Paris – surrounded a beautiful metaphor for the motley little people of individualists Jean. There are: – the somewhat older couple Goldberg, is constantly at odds – the former pianist Clara Violet, which is now confined to her electric wheelchair – Che, the blind cook, who can rely unconditionally on his sense of smell – a native of Ghana Kofi a podiatrist -. the widow Madame Bomme at which regularly meets Damenkränzchen

on the third floor is recently drafted (25), the writer Maximilian Jordan.

But the can not and will probably not perceive much of his environment. He isolates himself with tailored Gehörpfropfen over which he also still wears a wool cap earmuffs and cold; all this should be sufficient to dampen the noise level to level zero.

Jean Perdu A bit odd himself. Years ago, he has twenty zerdeppert in a fit its entire furniture. He still lives in a stripped-down basic necessities of life, decor free housing.

he no longer uses two of his rooms. Closed is also the “Lavender Room”, his former love nest where he had loved for over five years with Manon and where he had to give her a strange promise: “I hope that you die before me.” But then she left him to Luc to marry, a wine growers from Provence. A letter she sent him, but the injured, embittered Jean has never opened it; he still is locked in a desk drawer.

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Jean Perdus in life is called “Lulu”. This is a ship that bobs up and down on the banks of the Seine and is filled with books. A sign reading “La pharmacie littéraire” the Literary pharmacy, attracts vorbeiflanierenden walkers. After Perdu has read for decades, and read it today recommends customers books that not only satisfy their hunger for reading, but also those who donate consolation, can heal so, where no doctor or therapist know what to do. His books alleviate sadness, homesickness, heartache, fears of all kinds, only to treat if for life, aging or dying.

himself to defeat him or his still excruciating agony to finally open to experience happiness and again to touch a woman after years of abstinence times – not able Perdu today

As the beautiful Catherine enters his life.. Although she can not cook and does not even have plates or cutlery, she invites him to dinner. The two grow closer. Catherine brings Perdu not only used to tell her about Manon, but also to open the sealed letter. What Jean gets to read it, is bitter and shameful for him: Manon had then desperately needed his help. Now Jean wants to get in the way; he must find Manon – maybe he can make up something else …

So the “Lulu” takes off and chugs on the Loire, Rhône and many channels down to Provence. Also on board is Max, on the run from himself and looking for stories, for his writer’s block makes him ready. is known as the common budget is reached quickly, you pay lock- and harbor fees and even the daily bread in kind. For any convenient book has Jean dahinschippern the two for everyone.

By, they pass beautiful landscapes, learn sympathetic people and take an additional guest on with him. At the end of their river journey, everyone can find exactly the woman he had dreamed of Three Men in a Boat .

What pretty shallow and sounds cheesy, does the author not so flat designed. There are just the coincidences of life that bring together these people and Nina George tells attractive, sensitive, thoughtful, imaginative, poetic – a fairy tale on 382 pages

In addition, she has earned a full-blown industry map. because it fits her novel an appendix in which (in addition to recipes from Provence) “Jean Perdus literary Notapotheke by Adams to Armin” holds – a reading list, known to an estimated third of classics ( “Moby Dick”, “the man condensed without qualities “), otherwise a colorful mix of types and genres unterschiedlichster authors in a few words on their indications and side effects. Sets Nina George continued the Jean Perdus work? Identifies they wholeheartedly with his life help concept?

Despite all this, was able to not really grab the book. Since on the one hand the Duftig-fluffy, the naturally flowing in action response and narrative. There are nice surprises and entertaining and cheerful passages. But in the figure puts the protagonist from the beginning, too much self-imposed pathos. An adult comprising well-read man, who lives in the bustling metropolis Paris, however decades includes long into an inner and outer prison because he did not get over the love of his life – this is my bit too much: an unworldly, constructed drama of the speaking name with a whole bunch of meanings a heavy crown touches ( “Jean Perdu”: the lost, the austere, secluded, depraved, sunken John). And hardly a Pandora’s Box (Manon’s letter) is open, it’s over with the carefree lightness of being. From then on, the action gear is metaphorically charged, and behind the pretty river travel shimmers continually the sense of heightened expression. A regrettable cramped codger must learn to accept his different feelings again to finally find the detour of a journey back to himself. The message to the reader is then probably: Do not make it like Jean, but you live now , because life is finite, and read only quite a lot, because books are the best medicine. Nice and harmless.

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