No Personal Freedom in The Giver's Dystopia

Some say The Givers world would be fact and fiction based on our world. The Givers a dystopian world, a dystopian being a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. The giver is set in a city that’s supposed to be utopian world, Writing by Lois Lowry. In the story we follow a 12-year-old boy named Jonas, in his society that has eliminated pain and strafe. But some would agree that only certain aspects of their world correlate to our world.

Three of those aspects being a personal choice, family structure and societal norms. Personal choice is not allowed in the givers world, Jonas life in the book doesn’t give him or the other kids a choice of whatjobs get to chosen later in their life, whether to be a doctor or a firefighter, Not having the choice to choose what they want to do with life, they aren’t giving names either, since everyone is assigned numbers instead.

Then as the kids get older they’ll be forced to get a job at the age of 12 without the option of what job. While the Family is also a main part of the giver as a family is a member are assigned to another. Without the choice of picking or being related to the people in the family. The parents are then assigned marriages without the option to choose, while being limited to only 2 kids to a family unit. Their society is not so good either, being you only get 3 times to mess up until you are released, to who knows where.

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Then you can‘t choose what to eat or when you eat, since that’s all up to the higher ups. Then comes our world where everyone has their own individuality, with it being their names everyone is given a name at birth from their biological parents with the option to change it.

We are considered grown at the age 18 where we then released from our parents to out in the world and get a degree in college or find a job to keep a stable life. Family is the biggest thing in our world. We are born into a family that loves all their kids from the Begin of birth. We then grow up to go on a quest, people in the world seem to call it love. Where we choose our partner for life, then create a family of our own, where we have as many children as our hearts, mind and body can take. Although we have a society where people judge sadly, but we do have a lot of freedom. Whether it be choosing what or where we want to eat. Or the not so free side where we have three strikes then you’re out of here, you then get locked out in jail or prison for however long they choose.

Though we may have great deal of more freedom than the giver world we do have a lot in common to The Givers World, Personal choice is a huge one compared to our realty. All in all, in the giver kids don’t get a choice on names as we don’t either, considering our parents name us at birth. Next family is a tremendous part of the giver and our world to, considering most of the people in the book have families, although don’t have a choice on who gets put in their family. So, we have family similarities to our world to since we are born to a family, while having no Choice on who gets put in our family, Or the family that picks us, especially if you‘re in an orphanage Besides having a controlled family and individualized.

The Giver has a similarity to our society and world, One similar thing they have in the giver that’s in our world is the three- strike policy, as if anyone were to mess up three times they are released. Compared to our world, where you get three strikes you’re doing time in jail, this shows the most common similarity in our world In conclusion When people say our world is like a dystopia I can see the similarities, but at the same time our world is far from. Since we have more freedom, than those in dystopia. We have to ability to make our own choices, whether that be to leave our family or to change our name. Or something being so simple as eating a food product different from other people. Our world offers so much more freedom than a dystopia.

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