The Infringement of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in the Requirements of the Kansas Voting Procedures and Requirements

Fundamental rights refer to a group of rights that are recognized and protected by the Supreme Court since they require a high degree of protection from violation or encroachment by the government. These rights are specifically enumerated in the US Constitution in the Bill of Rights found in the 14th amendment. Moreover, some of the fundamental rights are identified in the Due Process. Laws limiting the fundamental rights must be well scrutinized so that the constitutional provisions are not violated. The accepted fundamental rights that are recognized by the Supreme Court include the right to due process, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, privacy, marry, interstate travel, equality, assemble, and to bear arms.

Among the vital protections under the law are the voting rights. All the US citizens have fundamental equal rights of voting, and it can be said that each person is of equal importance in the society. Voting is a democratic right, and thus voting is a fundamental right that each citizen is entitled to without imposing undue hardships in the process.

This fundamental right must be granted to all citizens equally and the government be controlled by citizens indirectly through voting. The requirements by the State of Kansas, in the Kansas voter ID law, K.S.A. § 25-2908 that a voter must provide a national ID or a driving license, create undue hardships for the voters. The voters should be allowed to vote just by the use of the voting record books. Infringement of the voting rights is narrowly tailored in the state of Kansas.

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Thus, Kansas voting requirements tend to go against the provisions of the 14th amendment.

In conclusion, the Kansas voting procedures and requirements entail compelling requirements that infringe the 14th amendments of the US constitution. Based on the fact that voting is a fundamental right, which should be enjoyed by eligible persons, rules governing the voting process should be fair and allow all persons to vote without undue hardships. However, much of the regulations provided in the statute should be maintained so as to ensure fraud-free elections.

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