The Influence of the Different Factors of Teaching Method on Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are influenced by several factors, the teaching method included, There have been ever-increasing discussions on whether the education system is to blame for poor learning outcomes among students or the teaching methodThis essay seeks to discuss the impact of the teaching method on the learning outcome, and seeks to answer the question on whether the method of teaching has an impact on performance According to studies conducted to examine the effectiveness of 3 methods of teaching, that is, teacher-centered approach, student centered method, and teacher student interactive methods.

The teacher student interactive method was found to be the most efficient.

On the other hand, the least effective method was found to be the least effective method of content delivery To facilitate the knowledge sharing process, teachers should apply appropriate methods that suit well, the desired learning outcomes In teacher-centered teaching approach, the students solely obtain their information from the teacher without building engagement levels with the subject being taught. This method does not apply activity based on applied knowledge.

The student-centered method involves teachers applying the student-centered approach to arise interest in analytical research, critical thinking and enjoyment among students. On the other hand, teacher-student interactive method applies strategies used by both teacher centered and student centered approaches.

In this teaching and learning technique, the information on the subject produced by learners is recalled better than the same information presented to the students by the lecturers. This method encourages students to search for information rather than the lecturer solely monopolizing the information being shared in the classroom.

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In conclusion, learning is a process that involves investigating, formulating, and reasoning to solve problems. The method of teaching therefore plays an important role in determining the performance of students and the general learning outcomes A better teaching method enables students gain a better understanding of the core concepts effectively to solve problems and improve general learning outcomes.

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