Brooke Gladstone Hosting On the Media & Impact of Convictions

Brooke Gladstone is known for her tremendous work of hosting NPR’s On the Media, “The Great Refusal” shows the impact of reporter‘s convictions in order to ascertain its direct effect on media bias, Bias is Prejudice in favor or against one thing or group compared with another, There are different types of bias that we as a people deal with on a daily basis. “The Great Refusal” exhibits the different categories of bias that are evident to some individuals and inconspicuous to others, We live in a society where reporters are admonished if the legitimate statistics is published, However sometimes it‘s very intricate to pinpoint when a reporter or author is being bias because the story is well put together after editing.

Racial morality play, ATale of two presidents and Another Abortion House of Horror are three articles that display biasesi Racial morality exhibited bad news bias and I was able to identify this by paying attention to the tone of the article, the feeling it gives me, definitely didn’t relate to the information given, “You don’t understand America if you don‘t know that only some racial recipes are newsworthy”

A black man killing a white man wouldn‘t catch the interest of Journalist because it’s not “exciting“ but a white man killing a black man would hasp the attention of Journalist all across the country because that would definitely hit headlines.

Tales of Two Presidents, I identified the bias in this article by perceiving what information was missing, Commercial bias was used in this article “Who is the really Barack Obama? , had the media done its job five years ago we would have an idea of the man, even after five years in office he remains an enigma”, The media basically made Barack Obama look more propitious than he actually is.

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Most people come to America to get better health facilities, but does America really have the cleanest and safest doctorst Another Abortion house of horror, “we are often told that there’s no such thing as liberal media bias, the press is just biased towards conflict and sensationalismt When Journalist was told about the Delaware abortion using unsafe equipment’s, most of them said “Not Interested”.

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