The Impact of Being Diagnosed With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Being someone born with no abnormalities and happy, as can be, and everything turns sour the summer of 8th grade was very rough on my immediate family and me. Having to change the way I eat, not allowed being in the sun; turning from an ordinary girl to a girl who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus was hard. Even though my life has been irregular, I have learned never ever give up and forget who I was before the diagnosis Things have not been the best since I’ve been in and out of the hospital All had been going well; I was dealing with the lupus well just my outer appearance had changed a little, from skinny in the face to chubby.

Ninth grade was good then all of a sudden, when it was time for school I have a fallout or episode .I had to withdraw from school because I had pulmonary emboli that affected my lungs and caused difficulty breathing.

By the faith of God, I conquered this part of my life where devil could not win. Being able to finish school and excelled in all my classes and graduate the top 15% of my class was great. For the first time in a long time, I felt good. Senior year was very busy for me from cheerleading, yearbook and, applying for colleges all across the world. Suddenly after prom, I had to deal with the worst tragedy ever, one of my best friends dying. Never feeling such depressed a day in my life, instantly my world turned from once again perfect to horriblet Dealing with this devastation before graduation caused me more stress than ever and with lupus, stress should be nowhere in my vocabulary.

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From June to December I was depressed and dealing with a lot, causing me not to go away for school. This should have been the best part of my life. Around January, I was back in the hospital once again and now I was in kidney failure and everything started to go wrong.

I was over 200 pounds, five foot two then I scared my parents half to death the night of February 21. Right on, the third floor in the dialysis I coded; stop breathing and everyone around me went in to panic mode. Not waking up until eight days later with a feeding tube up my nose and a breathing tube down my throat not only affected me but also affected my family who was near and far. Overcoming this tremendous battle against the devil was again was hard for me but I regained my strength, causing everyone to realize what a blessing I was and never take life for granted. Dealing with Lupus is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, but repeatedly God has brought me thru the storm and l have a story to tell.

Getting into the University of South Florida in Tampa would not only make me ecstatic but by being a transfer student with lupus shows, that anything is possible; Never doubt God and the people, he has put in charge to help with my healing process. When the going gets tough, do not just give up; prove to the world that we all have hardships and no one, I mean no one is perfect but the man upstairst One of my favorite verses is trust in the Lord with all thy heart; lean not on your own understanding. Meaning don‘tjust trust your five senses but trust in God and his will and if it’s your will to live he will make it happen; placing the devil under our feet.

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