The Global Issues of Drug Abuse and Addiction in Our Modern Societies

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Drug abuse and addiction are one of the major societal issues in our modern communities . Majority of the young adults within the society have always been the primary victims of this vice. Drug abuse and addiction is a major public health problem, and thus it’s important for the community to address this issue. The effects of drug abuse and addiction are grave to not only the victims but also to the community as a whole.

According to the research study, drug abuse is identified as a global issue.

The rate of abuse of drug substance shows slight contrast by the gender. It’s observed that the number of men abusing the substance slightly differs from their female counterpart. The findings of the survey conducted in the 1980s demonstrated that the men to female’s alcohol abuse disorder ratio to be 5:1 respectively. However, this gap had drastically shrunk to 3:1 by 2007. Additionally, the National Epidemiologic Survey On Alcohol and Related Conditions conducted a survey on drug abuse and addiction and published the findings of the study.

The study demonstrated that men were more twice as likely as their female counterparts to abuse drugs and 1.9 times more likely to develop a dependence on drugs. Further studies have shown that young female adults have a different experience with drug abuse than men. When individuals start using drug substance such as alcohol, cannabis, and opioids, women have quick tendencies to become more dependent on the drug as opposed to men . This is because women’s natural hormones produce estrogen and progesterone which may contribute to their drug abuse and behavioral addiction effects.

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Drug abuse and addiction behaviors are responsible for some societal problems. For instance, crime and violence are mostly as a result of drug addiction.

The connection between substance abuse and substance abuse and crime and violence is not difficult to unfold. The Bureau of Justice Statistics conducted a survey and found out that nearly a half of state and federal prisoners meet the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . Majority of the prisoners were either under drug dependence or abuse. Therefore, there is need to identify appropriate interventions measure and rehabilitation centers to help reform and support drug abuse and addictions users for a better society. Thus the problem of this study is to explore the effects of substance abuse and addiction on society.

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