Generational Gap in Bean Paste vs Miniskirts

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“Yes, our forefathers were certainly inferior to the present generation in learning, civility, neatness and tidiness. Yet they possessed merits which we have not. Overcoming, little by little, the shortcomings that we inherited from our forefathers, we have lost those merits.” Abay, Word Thirty-Nine

Generation gap

“Bean Paste vs. Miniskirts: Generation Gap Grows.” is an article written by Nicholas Kristof and published in The New York. The article was written about generation gap between new and old generation. In South Korea was misunderstanding which led a situation to conflict.

Misunderstandings were created due to late westernization of youngers. Therefore, older persons, who lived in the ancient kingdom that operated on Confucian traditions and deeply regimented customs, couldn’t accept lifestyle and culture of youngers. In addition, the article introducing opinions of elderly women of South Korea and demonstrate understandings of this situation. There are three reasons which based on experience in my country that youngers should respect the old generation and keep in touch with their mother culture at the same time take learnings from modern world.

Younger should be respectful to bans of their culture or parents. I grew up with grandparents, who taught me to be respectful to older people, well manners and make my personality based on our traditions. In fact, we had three hundred bans in our culture, which prevents us from immorality. Nobody had a brave to ignore our unwritten rules, which helped to save our moral integrity. Therefore, younger understand or feel that they should show respect for them.

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Secondly, we must heed the wishes of elderly people and never give up traditions in favor of modern trends and fashion. For instance, some parents in my country send their children to abroad because they had only one objective: to give them an only one-sided education. In other words, they forget that intellect should be taught with spiritual knowledge because educated person without spiritual knowledge may use knowledge for bad things. Moreover, young generation of home country like blind butterflies which are fascinated by gloss of Western culture, while they may not be entirely realized the value of their mother culture. As a result, they are half-man with half-dignity and half-woman with nature of fully entertainment elegance, but with nauseating accessibility. I can say that we with such passion wanted to connect to the water pipe of the West; unfortunately, we linked to their canalization. At the same time our elders know that youth should take benefits from modern world and explore new cultures. Therefore, foreign language is a vital detail to spiritual riches and knowledge, the arts and many other treasures. If we wish to escape the weak of the other cultures while emulating their attainments, we should learn their language and study their education and science. Foreign culture opens our eyes to the world. By studying the language and culture of other nations, a person becomes their equal and will not repeat their faults and vices.

I believe that young generations should be more carefully when we want to copy something from other culture or follow modern trends. In addition, you should be respectful of your mother culture by combining them with a modern world. Also to prevent conflicts between younger and older people, both of them should be open minded and understand that younger should have chances to their opinion and give them freedom in learning other cultures. However, younger should consult with older people when they are seeking to the new world.

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