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The paper purposes select a book and discuss how it is similar and different from the original fairy tale. It will also highlight where the author made changes and provide valid reasons. The book chosen is “The Fairest Beauty” by Melanie Dickerson. It is classified as a fairy tale romance paperback that is described in a historical setting. It depicts a story of a young girl born of the noble lineage but denied her privileges. She lives a simple life unaware of her true identity.

However, the Duke discovers she is alive and sends people to find her. However, the Duchess wants her dead since she is worried about Sophie’s beauty. The girl’s rescuer, Gabe, begins falling in love with her as they live in the woods from where they escape the Duchess. The book by Melanie Dickerson conveys the fairy tale story of Snow White based on a Christian setting and perspective, discussing issues that couples face regularly.

Dickerson’s manuscript is similar to the fairy tale in a variety of ways. The elements that are present in the original Snow White are revealed in the book. One of them is the poisoned apple, which the Duchess offers to Sophie while disguised as an old woman (Dickerson). The Duchess’ intentions were for Sophie to eat the fruit and die for her to be regarded as the only fairest beauty in the kingdom. Additionally, Melanie Dickerson introduces the seven men who are similar to the fairy tale as the seven dwarfs.

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Each of them has unique characters that are appealing to Sophie. One of them loves to sleep at all times while another is always grumpy (Dickerson). Moreover, the ending of both stories is alike where Sophie and Gabe fall in love and get married. The evil woman drowns and dies while trying to escape after harming Sophie. Also, in the fairy tale, the wicked step-mother dies after finding out Snow White is alive.

There are several notable differences between the fairy tale and Dickerson’s book. In the original story, Snow White eats the poisoned apple offered by the old woman. She immediately falls to the ground unconscious and only true love could save her. On the other hand, In Dickerson’s tale, Sophie becomes suspicious of the apple and refuses to consume it. They begin physically struggling between each other, and the Duchess stabs her in the chest. However, she does not die as the men discover the wound is not lethal (Dickerson). Moreover, the fairy tale depicts Snow White’s rescuer, the young prince, traveling in the forest and finds her laying in a glass coffin in the company of the seven dwarfs. It is their first encounter, and from his affection, Snow White awakens. For Dickerson’s story, Gabe and Sophie met at the beginning before the Duchess harmed her. He escapes from home and disguises himself as a troubadour to get close to her (Dickerson). However, the Duchess sees through the disguise and imprisons him in the castle dungeon.

The author made changes to the original fairy tale to explain issues that people undergo in the contemporary world. Furthermore, she tries to reveal how the characters were firm Christian believers, especially Sophie and Gabe. Through their commitment to Christianity, they were able to enjoy a happy life. On the other hand, the Duchess who was an evil being suffered and died a miserable death. In conclusion, Dickerson’s book depicts Snow White’s story with the different occurrence of events, but with the application of similar fairy tale elements from the original story. Additionally, the plot is based on Christian beliefs with the application of values and ways that are promoted in Christianity. It relays issues that affect individuals in the contemporary world.

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