The Death Penalty as an Expensive Form of Punishment and a Waste of the Taxpayers' Money

The death penalty is considered the top punishment of all and usually depends on how grave your crime was. In the United States, the practice of this punishment is different depending on the state you live/reside in, Some abolish it, others decide to keep on practicing it and there’s always been arguments all around on whether it is humane enough or if it’s a violation of the 8th amendment, etc. in my opinion the death penalty shouldn’t be used; however, in order to explain my stance I’ll be relying upon some sites of which I obtained my information some time ago.

First off, my opinion isn’t based on any sentiments, I have no emotion-filled opinions about this. Most people would argue that people should pay for their graver crimes with death, other’s say it’s bad to take someone’s life away, etc. Well getting off all of that, we need to stick to some statistics.

The death penalty was made to deter crimes, on deathpenaltyorg we can get some statistics on how the death penalty has “helped” states that still practice it.

Surprisingly, having the death penalty didn’t help deter crime, instead it increased crime and it also placed the officer’s lives at risk Other statistics that we get from that site is that the death penalty is truly expensive, the cost is really hard to calculate because of the constant appeals done by attorneys, court hearings, etc but what we DO know is that the death penalty costs way more than life in prison.

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Finally, even when someone is sentenced to death penalty, it can take years for that person to finally be killed. Being on death row truly resembles life in prison without parole, but with the exception that it is way more expensive Overall, I believe death penalty shouldn’t be used but because of how expensive it is and how many of taxpayers money will be wasted on just that, whereas that money could be used for other things. Yes, life in prison uses up a lot of the tax payer‘s money but it still isn‘t as much as what it costs to be on death row.

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