Da Vinci & Musk's Innovations

Leonardo da Vinci was a universal man who lived over 500 years ago. His contributions to the world involve painting, advances in anatomy and engineering. All in all, even though he lived so long ago his works continue to benefit us today. Nowadays, Elon Musk is like a modern day da Vinci. He is the founder of PayPal, CEO of SpaceX, Chief architect of Tesla Motors, and holds a high position in the company SolarCity. His broad range of work in itself is similar to da Vinci’s range of work.

Each of the men have also designed many new inventions. For example, da Vinci conceptualized a flying machine and Elon Musk designed the Hyper Loop, a high speed substitute for current travel options. The only real difference between the two is that while Musk makes most of his ideas a reality, da Vinci kept most of his ideas to himself. Da Vinci’s work still influences people’s lives even 500 years later, and Elon Musk’s accomplishments will affect people’s lives 500 years into the future.

Musk’s and da Vinci’s contributions both will contribute to our lives. Da Vinci lived over 500 years ago. Despite the lapse of time between his time and our own being so great, his works are still present in our everyday lives.

Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa which is the most recognizable painting of all time. People are still studying it, observing it, praising it, and writing about it now. Another painting by da Vinci is The Last Supper, the most famous religious painting ever.

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His painting of The Vitruvian Man is reproduced on Euro Coins. Lastly, his inventions of the Anemometer, a device used to measure wind speed, parachute, tank, a more accurate clock and giant crossbow were not only revolutionary in his own time, but led to the creation of even more inventions by others. Unlike da Vinci, many of Musk’s works have not yet run their course on the world. AS chief product architect at Tesla, Musk has overseen the production of the best electric cars to date. He was not the first one to design electric cars, but he did it best. Eventually electric cars will save the world millions of gallons of oil and help save the environmental state of the planet. Also, his contributions to SolarCity have helped limit the use of fossil fuels when it comes to energy production. PayPal has changed the way that people but goods and services, and Elon Musk co-founded it. His company SpaceX is working on making space travel a reality.

Who knows, maybe his works in this field will be revolutionary. Although Musk’s works have not yet changed the world, in 500 years people will look at his works as revolutionary. Musk and da Vinci share many commonalities. They are both extremely diverse in the fields they work in. da Vinci worked in anatomy engineering, inventing and painting. He is regarded as revolutionary in each of these fields. Similarly musk is involved in PayPal, an online payment company, as well as an automobile company, a solar power plant company, and a space travel company. This broad ranges of work show that each of the two were and area universal men. Perhaps this diverse range of fields is some kind of reflection on their intelligence. Perhaps only extremely gifted people are capable of changing the world. This also may not be the case; perhaps some other similarities are what allows these people to be successful.

The question, what makes individuals to achieve great things is very complex. Could it be natural intelligence, or something more easily attainable such as hard work? It is most likely the latter. Although not much is known about da Vinci, and Elon Musk is described as elusive and enigmatic, it is highly probable both are and were hard working individuals. Passion and resilience fueled them to achieve the great things they have and continue to achieve. I possess some of these characteristics which is a good thing but I most likely do not possess as much of an internal drive as these individuals. Nevertheless it goes to show that anyone who puts their mind to it can achieve great things: It shows that anyone who works hard enough can be remembered 500 years into the future.

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