Rebellion as Motivation in Poppies and Life Is Beautiful

Through common messages in literature, the idea of self-rebellion being the result of man’s inherent goodness can be seen. Going against society or what other people think can be very risky, but to prove our goodness as people we must do it. The author of “Poppies”, Mary Oliver uses this idea of self-rebellion as a motivation the do better for herself:” That light is an invitation to happiness”. The goodness we do for people will shine bright and not be ignored.

If we continue to do great things no matter what the obstacles and words of society are we will be happier people. The dark things of the world would not get to her because she wouldn’t let them. “And what are you going to do-what can you do about it”. Similarly, the director of “Life is Beautiful” gives us a different play on self-rebellion. Throughout the movie, Guido took a game like an approach to what would seem to us as despair.

His son was his motivation the rebel against the Germans and really show what inherent goodness he had for his family. Guido was someone who rebelled against society without even noticing it. He was one to not settle for being like the rest. He would have much rather gone out with a bang than to be forgotten. When he tried and succeeded in making his son never realize he was in a concentration camp we saw his inherent goodness. He knew the effects: death, beatings, and long, grueling work hours, but he did it anyway.

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Rebellion in both of these works seems like a heavy risk to take. To ensure your happiness, and to help people that you care for, rebelling would seem like the only option. Having someone or something to fear gave these characters and writers the motivation to rebel.

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