The Boston Massacre as a Turning Point in the Revolutionary Era

Boston Massacre Persuasion

On March 5th a disastrous event occurred in the town of Boston. Colonists gathered in rebellion; eventually breaking into violence. The British shot and immediately three colonists were laying dead, and two more were fated to die later with serious wounds. Numerous reasons were held responsible to arouse this revolutionary event in history.

Prior the Boston Massacre, the British already held a bad reputation in the eyes of the colonists. To the townspeople, the British were not respected.

“To make matters worse the soldiers in Boston acted rudely.” Their antics disgusted the colonists who witnessed them. The British would steal from shops that townspeople owned. Additionally, due to their lack of payment, the soldiers would compete with the colonists for jobs.

Colonists also thought the Parliament was unfair. “First the colonists were convinced that the British had passed these laws that violated colonial rights.” Due to no voice in Parliament, the colonists grew angry after each law was passed without their consent.

The Laws included the taxation acts and Navigation acts. These factors led colonists to the road of rebellion.

British sent troops to Boston in response to the riots. However, this provoked the colonists’ anger to a further extent. “The angry townspeople surged forward. They began throwing sticks and stones at the soldiers.” The tension broke and escalated into a fight. Colonists were armed with basic weapons or just using obstacles in the terrain to throw with. The fighting and projectiles alarmed the British, making them discharge their weapons.

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Captain Preston was found guilty to lead his troops to fire into the hectic crowd. After the massacre, five colonists were left dead.

The event was a tragedy which bloodshed and bravery have been shown. Both parties did what they thought was right. In the end both sides suffered casualties. Heroes died on the battlefield, one of these included Crispus Attucks who soon became a symbol of determination against the British. The Boston Massacre is a turning point of the Revolutionary Era.

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