From Limitations to Possibilities

“Instead of givmg myself reasons why I can’t. I give myself reasons whyl can” (Eason). Before the procedure is discussed, let us look at the benefits of weight loss and the extent to which weight should be lost. It should be kept in mind that losing too much weight could mean that the body develops a defimency of certain nutrients which may cause various diseases. However, too much weight has proven to lead to a higher risk of heart diseases.

cholesterol, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Obese or overweight people run a higher risk of getting cancer of the colon, gallbladder, or uterus. Obesity is one of the major causes of the rise in blood fat, which leads to heart diseases and high chances of a heart attack. Forty percent of the people who have type two diabetes, have been found to be obese. They are suggested to lose weight and become physically active. As obesity is the cause of many diseases people have to analyze the calorie intake and to change their way of eating.

The first step comes alter realizing the fact that someone is obese and needs to lose weight. The first thing that has to be done is analyztng or rather calculating the amount of weight that is to be lost, It can be done in the way of calculating the body to mass index.

To save the ordeal of doing calculations one can Visit online sites which provrde BMI calculators. Then the aim should be set and relevant notes should be made as to how many pounds the person aims to lose in a month and in the future.

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The next step could be reinforcing the plan and making suitable documentation tables. Moreover. the goal page should be put in a place that catches the person’s eyes. For example, put it on the refrigerator so that one is constantly reminded of monitoring the food intake. Now that the planning and streamlining of the process is done, it is time to start implementation. The healthiest way is to start with light cardio and weightlifting exercises, While weightlifting, if the intention is to lose fat It is recommended to use light weights so that the muscles go through exertion, but do not start the growth of more muscle mass.

The adVIsed methods of cardio exercise are jogging, treadmill, or bicycling, It is strongly recommended to do at least twenty to thirty minutes of daily cardio exercises three times a week. With this increase in activity one is bound to experience an increase in appetite. The nest step is the most crucial as it leads to healthy alternatives of the previous food intake. It is strongly recommended to cut the amount of junk food, such as deep fried things, burgers and things With high sugar content. Fizzy drinks and sodas should be avoided too because they have a high amount of calories and the calorie intake has to be monitored. Most people believe that losing weight means starving. This is however, counterproductive and not a significant method to reduce weight. The best possible way is to control what to eat rather than how much to eat. The person who is going to loose weight is discouraged to have three meals a day and suggested to take at least five to six small meals of healthy food including green vegetables, fruits, grains. and occasionally good quality meat.

The five to six meal routine is guaranteed to increase the metabolism of the body and this would burn more fat leading to the loss in weight. The gist of this entire process is to lessen the number of calories the person eats and to increase the number of calories that you burn during a normal working day. If the calories intake increases from the number of calories burnt in a day, they are stored in the body as fatty acid which is the main reason of weight gain. Human body requires water in order to carry out the metabolic activities and as a medium for digestion as well. It is strongly advised that the intake of water should be increased as it helps in cleaning out the toxins of the body and improves the digestion process. Moreover, while lollowmg a rigorous exercise routine it Is good to keep the body hydrated as a lot of water is lost in the process of exercising.

Thus, the recommended water amount is six to eight glasses per day. Now that the main steps of going about a weight losing routine have been undertaken, it is good to keep track of the progress that has been made and the difference from the set goal that is still left. Experts‘ advice is that weight measurement should be done on a weekly basis and these measurements should be documented, This Will give an insight into the pattern of weight loss and the reaction of the body to this routine Moreover. in case any progress is actually being made, it will encourage the person to keep perusing the aim.

If the desired results are not seen in the documentation it means that the amount of carbohydrate Intake should be further reduced In meals and the timings of the meals should also be checked, that Is eating should be avoided at least three hours before going to sleep. This is the streamlined process oi checking one’s weight, introducing changes in the routine, dieting and documenting the effects which can make the losing weight an easier task than it seems to most of the people having overweight, In addition, losing the weight is healthier, prettier, and makes the body survive for longer time. “You have to stay in shape. My grandmother. she started walking iive miles a day when she was 60. She‘s 97 today and we don‘t know where the hell she is” (Degeneres).

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