Swiss Research Will Become a Popular Choice

The proposed project is closest to what I want to enrich my knowledge in and pursue for my higher education as well. I believe an extensive research experience will help me consolidate my future career prospects in scientific research. Comparison between the compatibility of various set-ups and tectonic settings that would come as an outcome will add to the refinement of analogue modelling and XRCT analysis. It would serve as food to thought of other research works in which the combination has been arbitrarily chosen without considering the efficiency and will bring about revolutionary reforms in the domain.

Being aware of the niche this project can create in the arena of Earth Sciences and the importance of valuable scholarship, I will strive to make every possible effort to make it a success story. My passion and willingness to go above and beyond to do a better job is not driven by an incentive of a praise or a reward but because of my belief that one should approach things in life with an aim to exceed, work honestly and show pure diligence, so that one can do his bit to make significant contributions to the development of mankind.

I believe that this education support programme functional between the two countries will result in excellent outcomes. This bridge will enable both the countries to fill the gaps in their work by the contribution of significant other and the parallelism will accelerate the scientific progress of both on a large scale. Studying in one of the most premier institutes of India, I am surrounded by numerous curious-minded and hard-working students who make constant endeavours to contribute to the development of science and technology but are often held back due to the lack of funds and opportunities.

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As a “student ambassador”, I will make this valuable ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship popular amidst the student community and create awareness about how the contribution to Swiss Research will benefit in the progress of their research ideas. With the help of the campus group that promotes global research opportunities, I will deliver a seminar explaining the aspects of Swiss Research. To ensure that this opportunity reaches the maximum of masses, I will try to send a newsletter to other IITs, with the help of academic administration. Other promotional activities like putting up infographics on the notice boards of all the departments can be carried out on regular basis. I can ensure, if awareness is created, Swiss Research will emerge as a popular choice.

After graduation, I wish to pursue higher education in the domain of Earth Sciences to equip myself for the practice of scientific research. With my discipline in Earth Sciences and complimentary interest in Information Technology, I am adept in learning and executing the technologies assisting and developing Earth Sciences proficiently. I wish to harness my interest in Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics with a Summer Project with the support of ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship. If accepted, I will prove to be an asset and will contribute to the development of my assigned subject. This scholarship will help me mould my future in the right frame.

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