Students' Unrest and Protest Against Unjustices Influenced by the Vietnam War

Lyndon Johnson War better known as the Vietnam War made a significant impact on student views on life not only about the United States of America and its leaders but also started many social groups that fought for social and political independence in a country run by white high-class men. The most noted groups recognized were racial and social activists. These groups fought for equality not only for their race but for their gender as well. Latinos, American Indians, Asian Americans, Gay Rights, and Feminists all stood up for their rights during the war.

The motivation for these groups came from disgust with the government not only because of the struggle in Southeast Asia but from the realization that all should be equal according to our Bill of Rights.

Perhaps the most prominent of the activist groups were African Americans. After being oppressed for years, a powerful voice owned by the world-renowned Martin Luther King Jr. a minister from Atlanta, Georgia paved the way for other minority groups to stand up and fight for their civil rights in the preceding years.

Hispanic Americans were led by Cesar Chavez. Chavez was a Latino from Mexico that sparked California students and workers to march on Sacramento, California, and for Hispanic rights and formed the United Farm Workers labor union better known as the UFW. He also made use of Gandhi’s practice and his followers went on a hunger strike for twenty-four days. This was just enough to sway the government’s ruling and grant Hispanics the liberties they so eagerly fought for.

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American Indians created an organization called AIM (the American Indian Movement). This group was brought about because the majority of the minorities thought that the Bureau of Indian Affairs refused to address the problems that the Native Americans were faced with. Aside from being oppressed by the Caucasian population, they were forced to live in ghettos that were not funded righteously. The Natives were here long before we arrived, and they did not appreciate the indignity that they were forced to live in as Indian reservations. The Pan-Indian rights movement followed shortly. Asian Americans were also oppressed, and the 1965 Immigration Act gave aid to Asian immigrants that were discriminated against when they came over from Asia. 1960 also brought many people out of the closet when gay and lesbian activists stood up for their rights with rainbow flags and ultra-tight shorts. They were and still are proud to be gay and stand for sexual culture and Gay Pride Parades happen all over the globe. Toronto, Canada is the gay capital of the world. These people can escape the angry and unsympathetic Society that frowns upon homosexuality, and get married, there are not many states in the United States of America. Better known as a domestic partnership, they can take these papers and declare their love to one another in everyday society.

Last but certainly not least we leave it down to the Feminist. Feminist movements were brought into the light once again in the 1960 and 1970. Decades before they had fought and won the right to vote, but now they wanted to be able to attend the same jobs as men and be paid equally for the jobs that they performed. Women were undermined then and they are still undermined now. If you do not believe that turn on the news and watch a debate between Senator Obama, and Senator Hilary Clinton. The best comeback that he has given on issues is that she is a woman and knows nothing about a battlefield. That is a sexist statement, and I resent the remark. Women can perform just as well as men in many fields, including but not limited to politics! The National Organization for Women argued that sexism much like racism, the only difference is that it happens around the globe in every country. Women are undermined everywhere. In closing, the United States was changed dramatically in 1960 it would have never been possible for so many social groups to make their mark in our society if not for student unrest during the Vietnam War. It made them question the reasons that we were fighting, especially for minorities who were awakened when their families started shrinking day in and day out. The deaths that our troops were exposed to destroyed the baby boomers of 1950 why would they get mad and protest against injustices?

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