Spiritual Communication With Oneself

This is communication basically done mentally. It is communication done with oneself. As you may engage in some activity, observe an activity or listen to some activity being portrayed or spoken about, e.g. a speech, one could channel messages to themselves through their thoughts about it. Therefore, it is communication done with yourself within your mind. For example, I came across a motivational speech on youtube that peaked my interest. It’s main purpose was to encourage women on how to love themselves.

As I listened, a lot of the things this individual spoke about became so relatable, that I begin to ponder. This lead to the point where I began to communicate with myself mentally. I told myself I need to start loving myself today. Will I be able to do it? Of course I will !

This is basically communication taken place between two individuals. In this case, since its between two individuals, it varies on what type of relationship there is between the two, to determine the type of communication that will be taken place.

It could be, intimate/very personal or formal/impersonal. For example, A relationship between my supervisor falls under a formal type, so we usually engage in impersonal conversations. We mainly discuss work to be done. We show our professionalism and respect for his authority, through that manner. Also, in a relationship between my boyfriend and I, this would fall under an intimate and very personal type of communication. We would typically interact on anything or everything personal about ourselves because we are intimate with each other.

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It’s expected to open up to each other when we are around each other.

This type of communication typically occurs within a group of people, ranging from 3 to eight individuals of some common preference, purpose or task. For example, I worked on a cruise ship before, where a cabin for crew members consisted of four individuals. Since we lived together every day for eight months, we developed a friendship bond. Every night after a shift, we sat as a group discussing how our night went and how we could help each other improve our work performances.

This is the type of communication where one individual speaks out or writes a message to a group of individuals. For example, whilst working on board the cruise ship, we would randomly be called for a meeting. In this meeting, the restaurant manager would be upfront, speaking out to all the waiters from the various restaurants, about how well or how bad they performed during that week. This is how one individual speaks out to a group of individuals.

It is basically sending a message to a large group of individuals. For example, whilst working on the cruise ship, if there was an activity that all departments had to attend, the administration department would stick posters of those announcements and activities, on various boards on the walls of those various departments. This is one way to get a message delivered to a wide range of people. Interpersonal communication appeals to me the most because, aside from preferring to keep to myself, I prefer to limit the amount of company I keep and that is either one close friend or just my boyfriend. Therefore, I always engage in an interpersonal communication. Group communication appeals to me the least, because I do not enjoy engaging in group discussions, unless it is mandatory or it is a topic that peaks my interests. I may be too much of a turtle in a shell sometimes but it is less problematic this way.

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