Techniques Shifting Author's Position in Writing

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Almost every writing piece has a main focus upon what the author is trying to convey. Based on Zinn’s notion, he is envoking American history by displaying the many perspectives between the major events that occurred along with adding details to such events. For instance, Zinn did not approach towards a bias perspective, instead he subjected himself to understanding both sides of the story. Zinn writes about the way columbus was seen and the way he impacted the Natives giving broad details towards the negatives and positives of his arrival.

The author expressed the ideologies of Columbus and the natives by adding how Columbus traveled seeking gold whilst the natives were not confrontational towards Columbus; the newcomer. We conclusively know how columbus treated the natives afterwards, with great brutality because the past cannot be change but only reflected upon hence, the author remains equitable towards both columbus and the natives. I believe the author remains this way because historical records are often prejudice and pertains to who the historian personally believes is morally right.

By remaining neutral towards the historical people, the author addresses both sides to the story including how each minority felt about the changes. Moreover, this leaves the reader to draw conclusions about who might have created a bigger impact towards the America we know today along with differentiating between good and bad motives.

Throughout the creation and publication of documents, authors tend to have specific writing techniques that often shift the authors positions from the course of the writing.

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For instance, in Zinn’s book, he focused on addressing the arrival of columbus then later altered his stance rationalizing the impacts made from merely Columbus and the natives. I believe the author organized the book this way by reason of making the reader become more interested and understanding of the text. By allowing the readers to analyze each aspect of Columbus’s arrival, said readers can obtain a personal idea of what they believe is morally and ethically right through the way American history progressed. Additionally, after Zinn addressed the collective perspectives, he later added on to his personal standpoint displaying the opposing view on the Natives. Furthermore, Columbus treated the Natives as inferior because they did not have equivalent resources in comparison to Columbus. Columbus valued items such as swords, gold and spices meanwhile the Natives obtained spears made of cane and balls of cotton displaying how Columbus abused his power having more fixtures than the Natives. However, as the chapter progressed, Zinn did not see the Indians as inferior; instead he expressed their self made accomplishments such as building large buildings for protection as a positive factor. Additionally, Zinn saw a different point of view which can often be altered based on the readers perspective. The author established a particular sentiment on historical context and furtherly might not have agreed with things being said based on other historical writings about columbus, hence he challenges his ideas and choose to contribute them with his own perception of the natives.

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