Society’s outlook on women and their roles have evolved

The following sample essay on “Society’s outlook on women and their roles have evolved”: describing the problem of society and women.

Society’s outlook on women and their roles have evolved significantly from the early/mid-1900s to the present day. For the girls growing up in the circumscribed world of the 1930s, striving against selfishness, ill- temper, irritability, indolence, forwardness, boldness, pertness, and opinionated speech were significant. Women who came from wealthy or of higher stature had higher expectations for their behavior.

These women had to be soft-spoken with a particular accent. They valued their integrity way more than the women of today’s society, including never to steal, cheat, or belittle those of a lower class or race. These women were educated to be trophy wives, stay at home moms, and caretakers.

Women’s opinions were to never be spoken about any matter. Time was spent playing jump rope, playing jacks, skating, or spreading their hospitality and care with the less fortunate.

The attire was almost always in dresses and fixed, curly hair. Their grammar was always on point and never cursed. Women of our current generation are more audacious, independent, forward, materialistic, and grammatically errored. Plastered on the news is information about movements or marches lead by women fighting for our rights and defending our female gender from the disrespect of perverted and sexist mindsets. The girls in this generation are growing up with social media and are learning how to conform to the majority of goals on superficial qualities, despite how unrealistic they may be.

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We grow jealousy and irritability easily of the belongings of others, striving to be trendsetters or followers. Our speech consists of slang and tackless words about others appearances or attributes. The fashion of the girls today is aiming to show the most skin in places, most times than not, to arouse others looking. The activities of girls currently are to spend money on temporary satisfaction until the next trend is set. Girls spend time on Facetune editing blemishes before posting to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or any social media platforms. They strive to get the largest number of followers or likes. Aspects of women’s roles from the 1900s and present-day are significantly different. However, despite the gain of independence, audacity, forwardness, and respect, we have lost some positive attributes of the women in the 1930s like grammatical speech, etiquette rules, and more conservative, formal, and classy fashion.

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Society’s outlook on women and their roles have evolved
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