"Silent Death" by Garry Disher

So a commissioner should be: incorruptible, decent, conscientious, stable, morally strengthened. Detective Inspector Hal Challis is a sample copy. The performance of duty in his unit, the Waterloo Crimes Investigation Unit (CIU), it is of paramount importance. He has no quirks, no addictions, can not corrupt and does not enter his people against a know-it on. Only one it means more than his service: Ellen Destry, in which he violently in love. Too bad that they have to fly for eight weeks to share their experiences to Europe just now.

Garry dishers latest crime novel “Silent Death” is a finely engraved literary achievement, precise and detailed at all levels – from the action which is the normal everyday police work, has to bear in each his private parcels on an exciting and coherent criminal plot, the persons drawing of the protagonist and the team, to the linguistic design for their perfect implementation in German, the proven expert Peter Torberg responsible features.

A basic theme that permeates the novel, is the police of Melbourne, the hair-raising personnel and equipment.

It provides occasions for some comic scenes. Because Challis’ unit has only one patrol car available, it is understaffed massive, their computer systems date back to the last century, and they are really only able to be filed files, but not to mess with criminals.

at the same time just demand the better circles that finally cracked down more, as against the still unidentified force that marred their property on the fine Mornington peninsula in the southeast of the city with ugly graffiti and outrageous slogans ( “here lives a Proll with money “).

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Thanks to good networking is known here but the lever to the right place to be set, namely directly at the local MPs. Gives the downward pressure on – Inspector Hal Challis should take care of times – and the only remains to him to pass on colleague Pam Murphy. Which in turn teeming immediately from: Challis “deign probably joking when he would keep these people victims”; with such trifles should “the overstretched police force” their time not waste it.

For now just a corpse Fund was reported. When Pam and her colleague Scobie Sutton arrive at the clearing where the witness claims he saw the dead, but is gone. A little later, she dives in and turns out to be alive, but frightened young woman who after they had been raped, beaten by the city through the bushland. Your offender, she says, was in uniform.

And then there’s the bank robber who runs through the outback zoom. Pam advises the directors of local banks and ask them to take safety precautions. Not everyone takes their warnings seriously enough.

Another VIP crime scene is Grace, the “break-Queen”. Their mastery owes an ex-policeman who anlernte, networked and beat the age of seventeen. For two years she has been working on their own account, but in constant fear of her mentor, who would be only too happy to take back to the line. How smart and disciplined them going, the author describes very convincingly – these are pages that are devouring with great interest. But unfortunately she has her gambling addiction so perfectly under control as her job.

In this configuration that will not soon be enriched by a truly dead woman’s body, the deplorable Commissioner of Police Waterloo is a losing battle. That the boss copier paper, now naturally paid batteries for cameras and such study materials from their own wallet and the mobility of its people maintains with his old scrap heap of private cars, already rankles him long. In the provocative remark of a journalist towards the bursting dedicated team leader of the collar, and he fires a tirade against those responsible from to which overthrow the media. The price he must pay for it is high.

Garry Disher the activities described by the tireless small police unit haunting way. To their limits, they strive to maintain law and order. So the novel is not aimed at lurid effects, but mainly due to atmospheric density. It creates a kind of status report social conditions in Australia that have little to do with the sunny postcard clichés cultivate that European tourists. No detail is unimportant, every word fits perfectly. convince the scenes, the characters and their psyche. The author binds the reader passes it through a variety of scenes and independently reported minor and major crimes that are bundled by itself flow into one another and finally by a random event to a common plot line and out to its logical conclusion.

Enjoy be reading the linguistic Championship Garry dishers – and his congenial translator. Peter Torberg conjures from the original German phrases that are addictive for more: “The houses were pale brick buildings from the seventies, in silence, disappointed, as if they were ashamed of the men that they had designed. ” – “As a woman, the roses was cut short … She was a sheer accumulation of contradictions The forearms were scratched by thorns … gold and precious stones sparkled on her fingers, earlobes and around the neck, plus a face you in a box. would expect at the Opera. ” And again and again refresh Torberg honey from his colloquial repertoire. “Not all the marbles together”, “dumbass”, “nonsense”, “birdbrain”, “Pfriemelei”.

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"Silent Death" by Garry Disher
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