"Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day"

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My poem, ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s daydayplains abo the author thinks nature and a summer’s day are beautiful and compares them to a person by using personification. The poem that relates to ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day is, ‘My father moved through dooms of love’ because it explains love towards a father just like Shakespeare compares love to nature. Shakespeare’s poem is also romantic because the poem uses rhythm. The poem also uses a lot of diction such as thee, thy, thou, and shall to make the poem flow beautifully and romantic throughout the poem.

This also makes the poem feel alive because you can imagine the images of nature throughout the poem. It also makes it seem like the poem is eternally beautiful. William Shakespeare made this poem imagine how a summer’s day can be pretty and can be used as human characteristics. Shakespeare also feels he’s in love with a summer’s day because he compares it using human characteristics and his words of choice and the by using imagery.

He states, ‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.’ So, he’s describing how the wing shakes the lovely flowers and it makes the audience imagine it as well.

At the end of the poem, he compares nature to living eternally and his poem as well. This poem’s theme is love and romance because the author describes all the love and beauty he thinks there is in nature and how it will live eternally.

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He also uses the symbol ‘a summedayday’ because he’s describing the beauty of nature on a summer’s day specifically. He also uses personification when he says, ‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’ because rough winds can’t shake the buds of flowers. The setting in the poem is mainly in the summer where there’s lots of nature and flowers being described because Shakespeare thinks they’re beautiful.

This poem makes the author think this specific poem will live on forever eternally such as a summer’s day or the nature in May. The theme of the poem ‘My Father moved through dooms of love’ is to appreciate what is done for you because the father did everything for the son until the day when he passes away and that’s one-way love is used in this poem. The poem also uses hyperbole because the author exaggerates ‘moved through dooms of love.’ The author uses hyperbole to understand the poem about how his father is amazing and was the best to him. It also used personification when it said ‘wrists of twilight would rejoice.’ He also uses repetition because it

repeats him and his throughout the poe. After all,e he’s explaining his father. The theme of this poem is also about nature-loving and it’s similar to the poem I chose because it also involves nature but the nature of love as well. Cummings also uses images such as mountains, seas, and stars to represent the best of his father. Throughout the poem, he also explains the love of nature by using the seasons to explain the love of his father. In Cumming’s poem he also uses metaphor. He depicts his father as a strong and endurable human being because his father had much love for him. The symbol Cumming uses in his poem is the seasons because it describes the different seasons which relates to his father going through his life and how lovely he was towards him till he dies. The setting of this poem is all the season and the circumstances each season goes through and also it’s explaining the youth till the death of his father throughout the poem.

Shakespeare explains love and romance towards nature but, E.E. Cummings explains nature just as love because the author uses nature as his father’s love that he gave to the author. Shakespeare explains the poem for only one season and it talks about how romantic nature is more than a person. E.E. Cummings explains nature using all the seasons and how lovely they are until his father goes away. He also explains the love he has for his father in emotional matters. Also, Cummings uses the seasons because he explains how they come and go like his father who dies eventually and explains through each season as a memory that was from his father and how beautiful it was like each season. Cummings also uses nature as a superpower that his father had that made him love him throughout his life. The poem also uses the seasons of nature as the ups and downs of life that happen from youth to death as well.

Shakespeare only explains how lovely nature is to a person and how itture lives eternally in life because it grows beautifully in the summer and in May. Also, both poem relates to man and the natural world because they describe nature throughout the poem and they relate it to a person, and nature is comparing a person’s beauty and strength as well. So, they use the seasons to either describe the beauty or behavior in which someone fades away or of someone’s youth and the love of that person as well.

The universal theme for the Shakespeare poem is how to accept the beauty of nature because people would only care about other things than the care that nature needs for people to survive. Also, how beauty can be in anything such as nature because it never fades away and it will live eternally because nature will always grow even when the seasons change throughout the years. Another universal theme is beauty can be eternal and will never fade away such as nature so, they can be anything that is beautiful and people may think it will never fade and live eternally or how things can become immortal and he thinks that his poem will be immortal and live forever. Shakespeare also mentions how his poem will live eternally as well because he compares his poem living eternally to nature and how it will never fade away. So, the theme can be time because Shakespeare thinks of eternity in the poem and nature as well. The universal theme for E.E. Cumming’s poem is how we should appreciate our parents or our loved ones because you never know when they will fade away throughout the poem the author expresses his feelings towards his father from his youth to his death. Also, how we should appreciate what is done for us because the author explained how his father loved him so much that he would do everything for him. Another universal theme was individualism because Cummings describes his father having the power of individualism and byng the images of nature as well as a power his father had throughout his life. Cummings also explains how his father uses individualism because his father helped others as well. So, this could be a universal theme because an individual can help others and we can remember the things they have done for us and we can also love them as well.

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