Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation"

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Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation as released by Penguin books really made a great impact to the fast food industry. McDonald’s marketing strategy is one of the main arguments presented in the book and how it changed the view of people towards fast food. The ideas of the author were closely dissected in every chapter and supported with factual evidences. Basically the book revolves in “fast food, the values it embodies and the world it has made” (Schlosser, 2002, p. 3). There is really something humane about the book that made it more interesting.

Values of Americans were also explained in the book so that it will not appear that the topic only focuses on flaws and features of American’s unwillingness to change their marketing strategy. There are several points in the book that gives credit to positive American Traits. Marketing Strategy of MacDonald’s strategy was changed completely when readers came to discover the bad facts about health involvement of The Golden Achers in relation to its customer’s nutritional needs.

American values being traditional that is why they came to develop and motivate marketing strategies of doing whatever it takes to make it big in the fast food industry. Most of Americans tends to loose the resistance over fast food since this has become part of their tradition that they cannot go against with. MacDonald’s marketing strategy can be admirable in the sense of profitability it always tries its best to giving delicious food to millions of customers.

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There are thousands of dollars spent on advertising each and every day to entice customers to eat and eat on this red and yellow food chain. Fact is that the truth is not completely revealed about MacDonald’s. Ads are not showing how they used to get bad fatty materials to cook and include on their recipes. How will an innocent child know that the sumptuous burger he loves eating deducts 2-3 years of his life span. Just because of unhealthy ingredients without giving value to people’s awareness.

It is the way fast food companies use to much marketing strategies to gain local and international popularity to the extent that values are forgotten. Business practices of MacDonald’s along with other fast food chains are not that inspiring once readers came to read The Fast Food Nation. Definitely the book is a must read not only for business and medical health students but also for all people who used to love burger, fries and other fast food products.

Labour processes in Meatpacking safety and regulation. On the other hand The Meatpacking Industry is also widely discussed in the book as people put too much trust going to the United States to land on a high paying job with an integrity focused company. In the case of the fast food trade, more and more people are being at risk especially when we talk about dangerous working conditions. Overworked and underpaid simply best describes the type of people that we can commonly find on almost every Meatpacking industry as cited in the Fast Food Nation. The Meatpacking Industry losses the sense of value as compare to the previous discussion.

The fair-play and equality is sacrificed and too much profitability gave them the idea towards loving capitalism. America is said to be blooming when it comes to service economy. However the extent of this is really something to criticize because it maybe create almost 85 percent of jobs in the state giving both immigrant and non-immigrant the chance to partake in stabilizing the economy (Schlosser, 2002,p. 4). However the black shadow of propaganda can be seeing when the market shares of employees are revealed.

The nation’s fast food supply is gaining too much power that even operating methods in the meatpacking industry is adversely affected. Meatpacker supervisors are not into trusting employee because of too much belief on the management. Safety and Regulation is really awful in the meatpacking industry. The author points out that regulation of food safety practices are always unregulated in every fast food production. The industry also employs a rare immunity from intervention of the federal state.

Government has no enough strength to remove the meatpacking company and remove the contaminated and lethal beef from kitchens of fast food and shelves of supermarkets. Food safety culture is never common for workers of the meat packing industry.. Play fair in the game of life is really the answer to the major problem faced by Meatpackers almost everyday of their lives. Conditions of people from the meatpacking industry should be upheld the same thing that profitability continues to increase on stockholders of the black fast food industry.

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