Rosa Parks Was a Civil Rights Activist

Rosa Parks- In 1955, Rosa Parks silently retaliated against the white oppressors by literally just sitting down in the front area of a bus. She was a Civil Rights Activist during the Civil Rights Movement. The 42-year-old Rosa Parks, after a hard day of work as a seamstress (one who sews for a living), decided to sit in the ‘Whites-only’ area, several seats in front of the colored people area.

During 1955 racial segregation was extremely rampant (especially in Alabama), and everything had its own ‘whites’ and ‘colored’ areas so the white people wouldn’t have to sit next to the colored people.

Usually, when the seats of the bus began to be crowded, the minorities had to give up their seats to the whites. She was just a tired old woman who wanted to sit down when James Blake (the bus driver) ordered her and 3 other black people to move.

The other three accepted while Parks did not. She was then fined $10 (equivalent to $95 today) and also arrested which was a big mistake on the whites part because the backlash of that from the black community was astronomical.

This arrest was the true beginning of the end of racial segregation within the united states.Today she as seen as a role model for the black community; standing for rights and freedom of the black community.

The Holocaust- In 1933, a man named Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. After their defeat during the First World War, Hitler shifted the blame towards the Jews for the social and economic disruption that followed.

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Pearl Harbor

Korean War- The Korean Peninsula has been divided since the end of WWII countries governed by completely different systems that have viewed each other as enemies for many years. In 1945, When Japan (which had occupied Korea for 3 1/2 decades) surrendered, this marked the end of World War II, also being when Korea was divided along the 38th parallel.

The Soviets occupied the North while we (the Americans) occupied the South. In 1948, During the start of the Cold War, two separate states were created: The communist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North) and The capitalist Republic of Korea (South). In June 25th, 1950 Attempts by North Korea to unite the North and south by invading and conquering came to a halt by the U.S. forces. In July 27th, 1953 when an armistice was signed to end hostilities, but the war was never officially declared over.

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