Revenge Is in the Blood

Background Information on Euripides:

Euripides was an amazing author/dramatist, creating many great tragedies. He was born in 480 BC and died 406 BC. He had two wives, one daughter, and three sons. He wrote the famous Medea And Other Plays. He wrote all his plays and stories in Salamis Island. He had a different style to his plays, and they later became very popular throughout Greece and the rest of the world. Euripides didn’t just make tragedies, he made plays in many other genres as well.

He was an amazing author creating many famous plays still known today.

Euripides expressed many social issues in his plays at that time. He wanted everyone to get his message and did it through plays. His plays were much different at that time than anyone else’s, standing up for women during that time, even though men mainly dominated everything. He was a very unique play writer, expressing his beliefs. He didn’t get much love at that time because of the plays he was writing but is now well known as being one of the best.


The setting of Medea was in Corinth, Greece. Medea is a set in a city-state called Corinth. The play took during the Ancient Greek. It would take place in theatres, not any like today. Real people acted out plays while people from all over gathered and sat around to watch in the theatres. Often times the higher class people sat in the front seat, reserved for them and the rest behind them.

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The theatres were also used for democracy and political purposes. It was a very strong and emotional experience with very strong thought as well.

Major Characters:

Madea: Development: Madea starts off by seeking revenge for Jason. She was originally going to kill Jason alone but decides to actually kill everything Jason loves, making him suffer even harder, getting the last laugh. Instead of killing Jason, she kills their two sons, his soon going to be wife, and King Creon, his soon to be wife’s dad. In the beginning, I was with Medea as she was going to get revenge on Jason for doing her dirty, but my opinions changed as instead of killing Jason, she kills innocent people just to make him suffer. Conflicts: Her internal conflict was killing her own two sons, double thinking if she should do it and her external conflict was of how she was going to get her revenge on Jason throughout the whole story. Resolution: There was no learning or morals for both Medea and Jason, but as for resolution, Medea goes on to live with Ageus, and Jason suffers the rest of his life living in sadness. Foil: The chorus is Madeas foil, as they are much softer and tell Medea to think twice before doing anything. They also don’t agree with Medea on many things throughout the story.

Jason: Development: Jason was trying to become king from the start of the story until the end. While becoming king he promises to marry Medea as she helps him throughout everything, but later leaves her just to get the crown. My view on Jason also changes as at first, I was with him being with Madea happily ever after, but then backstabs her and leaves her just to become king. Conflicts: Jason has an Internal conflict on thinking if what he did with Medea was right or wrong. His external conflict was with him trying to become a king his whole life, throughout the whole book but dies not being one. Resolution: As for Jason and Medea, they didn’t learn anything or have any morals, but Jason dies a sad, slow death as he is not king and doesn’t have anyone he loves. Foil: Jason’s foil character is King Aegeus, as he promises Medea to stay with her and take care of her, and keeps the promise. He shows the opposite of Jason as he is going to take care of Medea and treat her right, while Jason is a selfish failure.

King Creon: Development: Creon wants nothing to do with Medea, wanting her gone and out as soon as possible. His mind does change as Medea convinces him, and he gives her one more day thinking she can’t do anything in one day. My view stays the same on Creon as he wants no part of Medea, actually showing a little fear of her, even though she is a woman. Resolution: King Creon doesn’t learn any moral but ends up dying with his daughter in his hands as both of them die a very horrifying death, because of Medea. Foil: Medea is Creon’s foil as she is destructive and fearless, unlike him, being scared and lax, even though he is a king.

Participating Characters:

  1. Nurse: She comes into the play giving background knowledge on Jason and Medea’s situation. She serves Medea and her children, and worries about Medeas horrifying revenge she’s giving Jason, with the murder of Medea’s own two kids. She foreshadows the death of Medea’s two kids.
  2. Tutor: She comes in as a slave for Medeas two children, along with the nurse. he comments on the behavior of his masters, although he has a different perspective on events. He is a slave for Medeas two children and does as they say.
  3. Chorus: They come into the play talking about Madea and how they hear and feel her anger. The Chorus gives Medea lots of advice as well as they follow Medea throughout the whole book and act as narrators for importance occurrences. Euripides uses them as a device to influence the opinion of the audience.
  4. King Aegeus: King Aegeus come into play as Medea’s “Fate”. He is who is suppose to keep her safe after the sickening acts Medea pulls off. If he doesn’t take Medea and keep her safe, she doesn’t get the last laugh, and the people still do because she would’ve also got killed for doing everything she did
  5. Messenger: He comes into the play as one of Jason’s servants and so formerly of Medea’s household. He is the one who gives vivid details on the murders of the Princess and King Creon. He gives great insiders on the events taken place by Medea, and his view, and opinions of it.
  6. Two Children: They come into the play when Medea is talking about how to borne two children for Jason, which was very difficult during that time period. The children associate with Medea and Jason throughout the play. As they fight about them and Medea even makes the two children give the dress that kills Creon and the princess. The children die to a tragic death of their own mother murdering them for her own pride and revenge.

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